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Stacey DePass

Stacey DePass

Stacey DePass is a Canadian voice actress who has starred in many animated television series, mostly ones made by Nelvana. She has recently voiced Aldous on the television series What It's Like Being Alone on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Mags on Turbo Dogs, and Edweena the Elephant on My Friend Rabbit, which airs on Qubo in the USA.

Her most prominent roles include 6teen (as Nikki Wong), Braceface (as Sharon Spitz, who only appeared in the third season), Ruby Gloom, and Undergrads (doing various voices). She will have an another role on Alison & Allie (as Stacy Fellaws). She has recently done the voice for Corona of the Kids' WB! show, Spider Riders. She has also starred in three Anime series broadcast in Canada and United States: Air Master (as Yu Takigawa), Saint Seiya and Power Stone (as Rouge). Stacey also voiced Martha McCartney on Stoked.

Stacey's role in Ruby Gloom is perhaps her second-best known (the best-known being her role as Nikki on 6teen). There, she played Iris, the main character's adventurous best friend. Her role there was very large, due to her being said character's friend. Iris was frequently the impetuous for the stories, as she often got into sticky situations. This role lasted from 2006 to 2008, throughout the series run.

In addition to work as a voice actor, Stacey Depass has also made some appearances on celluloid. These appearances are mainly bit parts, an example being a cameo in The Tuxedo, a movie which fellow Teletoon voice actor Christian Potenza also appeared in.

She currently lives in Toronto with her husband and fellow actor Jeremy Harris.

Voice Actors

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