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Gender Male
Hair color Red
Eye color Green
Voiced by Stacey DePass
Stanley is a character on the animated Canadian sitcom 6teen. He is voiced by Stacey DePass.

Between five and seven years old, Stanley is known to be very troublesome and bratty among the gang. He is often seen with his mother, who is a very attractive woman known to flirt with younger men. He frequently runs wild and causes trouble at the mall because his mother often does nothing to discipline or control him, and she has, on at least one occasion, been shown to encourage his bratty behavior.

Stanley appears in the opening sequence of the show, shooting nerf balls at Caitlin's face. He often fires nerf balls at the teens in the mall, especially near the fountain and at Caitlin when she's at the Lemon. Stanley is commonly portrayed as the show's secondary antagonist (or occasionally an anti-hero) although unlike one of the show's other villains (Tricia), he will occasionally join forces with the teenagers. This is shown when he was among those that got rid of Ron the Rent-a-Cop during a huge high-stakes plan, tripped Tricia down a flight of stairs for Caitlin and Nikki's amusement, and helped Julie win back Darth's heart.

A running gag is that he hits people (particularly boys) in the groin. He does not always get away with his bratty behavior, however, as he sometimes faces consequences for his punkish antics (which vary between mildly annoying and borderline criminal); one such case occurred in "The Wedding Destroyers" when he was caught shoplifting from the Khaki Barn (a crime for which Nikki had been falsely accused by The Clones) and was forced to return the stolen items and apologize for his actions.


  • In "Bring It On", he punched Jude in the groin after he told him that he likes making babysitters cry.
    • In the same episode, he punched Jude once again for no reason.
  • In "Jonesy's Low Mojo", he punched Jonesy in the groin after he called Stanley a punk.
  • In "Snow Job", he viciously whacked Jude between the legs from behind with a hockey stick, which caused Jude to black out. He later got his comeuppance in the same episode when, after he used his nerf-ball gun to shoot Tara Johansen's purse into the mall fountain, Jonesy caught him, dunked him underwater momentarily while retrieving Tara's purse, then told him to get lost.


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