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Gender Female
Hair color Red
Eye color Blue
Relationship Jude (broken up)
Nicknames Nebula (herself, the goths)
First Appearance The Five Finger Discount
Last Appearance On Your Mark, Get Set... Date
Voiced by Emily Hampshire

Starr is a New Age enthusiast who works at Vegan Island and thinks outside the box. She was introduced in the series' first season as a supporting character and prominent love interest to Jude. In the second season, she gravitated toward the goth subculture and took on the name Nebula. Since then, she has become a nerd.


She makes her first appearance in "The Five Finger Discount", when Jude falls in love with a talking leather armchair named "Betty," and his friends Nikki Wong and Wyatt Williams attempt to find him a human girlfriend in order to make him forget about the chair. Although they are unsuccessful in finding him a date, a heartbroken Jude meets Starr following Jonesy's sale of Betty. The two were immediately drawn to one another, as Starr understood Jude's predicament, whereas others had merely dismissed his attraction to Betty as bizarre and unsettling; like him, she was previously attached to a treasured piece of furniture – her desk lamp - which her mother threw away.

Jude and Starr went on their first date in "The Khaki Girl". They decided to watch a movie together at the Gigantoplex Theater, but Jude was uncertain as to how he should engage her in a kiss should the situation arise, so he consulted Jonesy for advice. The outing ended badly, however, as Jude vomited into her mouth after eating "chunklets" treats made of spoiled meat. While traumatized by the event, Starr would eventually overcome her embarrassment and forgive him. However, she is still traumatized by the event, as thinking about the incident makes her gag. The incident is revisited in "Dude of the Living Dead," when Jude throws up in her mouth during a kiss, though the whole thing was eventually revealed to have been just a dream that Jude was having.

In "Deadbeat Poets Society", Starr helped Wyatt quell his anger over being dumped by his ex-girlfriend, Serena, by introducing him to a poetry group in the Grind Me coffee shop. Jude briefly broke up with her on account of Jonesey's meddling, who unwittingly convinced Jude to do so after teasing him about their relationship. At that time, the couple were performing shows at the Super Terrific Happy Sushi restaurant for its clientèle by lending their voices to two fish resembling themselves in the aquarium. When he realized his mistake, Jude quickly reconciled with Starr.

In "Lights Out", Starr went goth and changed her name to "Nebula". She joined three other teenagers who shared her new interest – Morgana, Marilyn, and Ax (Morgana leads the goths) – but her goth persona put strain on her relationship with Jude, who was disturbed by her appearance, especially her gargoyle lip piercing. Nonetheless, Jude tried to cope with the change in his girlfriend, and assumed a goth persona himself under the name "Judas" to impress her. While touched by his consideration, Starr admitted that while she still really liked Jude, she felt that maybe they should stop dating (though they agreed to stay just friends).

Starr was employed in the Galleria Shopping Mall as a roller-skating cashier at the Vegan Island eatery.

In "On Your Mark, Get Set... Date", Starr's shown to have adopted a nerd persona with a whole new set of friends. She and Jude tried pursuing a relationship again, but Starr eventually breaks up with him after feeling that Jude's not intelligent enough for her, explaining that no one with an IQ of less than 130 can be part of their. However, at the end of the episode, Jude's revealed to have an IQ of 175, which is far beyond a genius-level IQ.


Starr is a practicing vegan, and frequently comes up with original recipes for her job at Vegan Island. She is open to new ideas, and often explores New Age-related activities.

Starr enjoys telling stories, despite being perceived as boring by most of 6teen's main cast. Like Jude, she is interested in skateboarding and watching fountain diving (the act of falling into the fountain head first), as well as yoga, poetry reading, and telepathy.

As a goth, Starr adopted a more depressing outlook on existence, and worshiped Death. She was adamant that her new lifestyle be accepted, despite the fact that she recognized contradictions in what she believed it meant to be goth. R-rated horror movies did not frighten her, and she dismissed one such film as "tame". Despite this, she still cares about Jude and considers him a friend.


  • Starr and Jude once had a relationship, but broke up.
  • She moderately resembles Paige from Queen Bee, a graphic novel series by Chynna Clugston.
  • Starr has became both Nebula and Nerd Starr.
  • In "The Khaki Girl", Starr explains to Jude why she always wears sandals instead of shoes, but it was never explain to the fans (unless she really needs to wear them)
  • Starr seems to be very flexible as seen in "In a Retail Wonderland..." where she was able to take the customer's money and give them their food with her feet.
  • Starr's Total Drama Island counterpart is Bridgette because they are both vegetarian with a happy-go-lucky person as a boyfriend.


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