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Jude working at Stick It.

Stick It was a fast food stand that served meat and other products on sticks (like kebabs for example). Jude was hired in "Take This Job and Squeeze It" and made manager due to taking Jonesy's advice and lying, saying that he was already manager of two other stores. Jude worked here happily throughout Season 1.

One of the most notable things that Jude did was set up a contest to find the best "[item]-on-a-stick" there was, with the winner getting a lifetime supply of free stick its. When Stanley questioned his authority to do this, Jude told Stanley that he was the manager and so could do whatever he wanted to. This was in "Breaking Up with the Boss' Son", and a winner was never declared for the contest. Oddly enough, though, in the next episode, "Employee of the Month", Jude realized that he didn't know who his boss was and set out trying to find him, only to learn at the end (once again) that he was the manager of the store.

Another notable appearance that the store makes is in "The Khaki Girl", when Jonesy asks Jude for permission to use the Stick It freezers to freeze his Roast Burkey Chunklets. While Jude did agree to let Jonesy use said freezers, after loading the freezers they forgot to plug in the units. Because of this, the meat went bad, causing an epidemic of food poisoning throughout the mall.

In "Going Underground", his managerial position gets him into trouble. There, Ron shuts down the store for health violations. As it turns out, Blade had found a cockroach in his food, having bit the insect in half. He initially fainted, but brought the case to Ron, who swiftly brought justice by closing the stand permanently. It was revealed that Jude didn't realize that he was also responsible for cleaning, and as such had not done so since the day he started working there, which was for nearly an entire year. He did recognize that things were getting filthy, but simply thought the person who was supposed to clean just wasn't doing a very good job.

Jude had to go look for a new job. He eventually found one at Underground Video and began working alongside Wyatt.

Stick It makes its final appearance in "Bye Bye Nikki? Part 1". It is still shut down and unoccupied. It is seen as Jonesy and Jude converse about Nikki leaving while they walk through the food court. Its appearance serves both as a visual shout out and as proof that nobody took the open space.

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