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Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Relationship Nikki (broken up)
Jill (broken up)
Mimi (broken up)
First Appearance Jonesy's Low Mojo
Last Appearance Date and Switch
Voiced by Scott Mccord
Stone is a character from the animated TV series 6teen. He is voiced by Scott McCord.


Stone used to work at Grind Me, where he met Nikki. They both argued about coffee and Nikki accused Stone of not knowing how to make it. After she left Grind Me, she later asked Jen and Caitlin if she could buy them coffee, just to see him again. She did the same thing with her Khaki Barn coworkers, and he realized that she likes him, due to his belief that no one can drink as much coffee as she ordered in a day, especially Nikki.

He was later seen in "Dirty Work", when he first told Jonesy to break up with Nikki for him because he was too chicken to do it himself. Jonesy refused, and when Stone told Nikki what he did, she was so upset at Stone that she threw socks at him and forced him out of the store, thus beating Stone to the punch by dumping him herself.

His last major appearance was in Wrestlemania with his new girlfriend, Mimi, when Nikki was trying to ignore him. Stone later dumps Mimi in "Date and Switch" at Cafe Coeur Brisé.

He knows how to play the bongos.

Caitlin had implied that Stone may be Virgo.



Personality-wise, Stone's essentially like the male-version of Nikki: they're both sarcastic, cynical and harsh.

However, while Nikki can be a jerk, she genuinely cares about her friends and others and understands the importance of being a kind and friendly person (even if she doesn't act like that a lot of the time). Stone, on the other hand, is simply just a jerk.


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