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Super Terrific Happy Sushi Exterior
Super Terrific Happy Sushi is a Japanese sushi restaurant in the Galleria Mall, run by the head chef, Hiro. Hiro creates his sushi dishes by grabbing fish from the tank and chopping them up with his katana, which he always keeps by his side. Wyatt used to be a frequent customer to Super Terrific Happy Sushi to be more cultural. It is also a usual date spot such as in "The Sushi Connection" where Caitlin dated Kyle "Dirty" Donaldson (and learned the importance of not eating wasabi straight up) and a fake set-up date with Hunter by Nikki in "The Hunted". Jonesy also worked there once in "Enter the Dragon", where he had to learn "karashi" from Hiro as part of employee training. In "Losing Your Lemon", the fish tank was also used as a makeshift play theater by Jude, Starr, and Hiro using fish that coincidentally resembled them. This was also the site for the pre-wedding dinner of Emma Masterson and Mr. Garcia in "The Wedding Destroyers".



Hiro is the owner and head chef of the restaurant. He is presumed to be the inventor of "Karashi" and is quite a hard worker. He speaks in somewhat broken English and often speaks Japanese. It is presumed that he is of Japanese heritage. When cutting fish, he uses a katana (which, if actually used for this purpose, would be considered defilement). He seems to heavily respect samurai and owns a copy of The 77th Samurai.


Huni is Hiro's assistant. He is more muscular and taller than his boss. Although he appears in the restaurant frequently, he is only seen speaking in "Enter the Dragon". Here, he expresses annoyance at Jonesy, first with the fact that he was hired, and secondly when Jonesy disrupts his work. It seems that he is quite good at fixing sushi, as he is allowed to essentially do his own work without Hiro interfering.


Jonesy worked here in "Enter the Dragon". While here, he was (per the usual) a horrible employee, often slacking off and continually annoying Huni. Despite his poor work and inability to stomach sushi, he was eventually fired for a very different reason: he skipped out on work to try and retrieve tickets to Dragon Thunder from the girls with Jude and Wyatt.


  • Karashi is a mixture of the art of karate and the process of making sushi.
  • Super Terrific Happy Sushi is one of the two places in the Galleria Mall that has a copy of The 77th Samurai. This is probably due to Hiro's fascination with samurai warriors and culture.
  • Wyatt had mentioned that Hiro uses the Wu Tang method to prepare sushi.
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