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Gender Male
Hair color Brown-reddish
Eye color Blue
Relationship Caitlin (broken up)
First Appearance "Boo, Dude"

Talon is a minor character in the series 6teen. He was Caitlin's crush in the episode Boo, Dude.


Talon first appears in "Boo, Dude" as Caitlin's new crush. Caitlin mentions this to the gang. When he arrives, he invites her on a date at the theatre with him and some friends. He implies that everybody there will be dressed up, and later, when she learns that Jonesy is giving out costumes to the gang, she begs Jonesy to find one for her that will entice Talon to like her. When she arrives at the movie, she is dressed as a showgirl and finds that nobody else dressed up. Everyone there mocks her, but Talon stands up for her and defends her. He then reveals that he brought a costume himself, and everybody gets into the spirit of Halloween. The date goes well until Caitlin has to use the bathroom; an incident happens inside, and she has to ask Talon if he can bring her some pants. Talon readily agrees, and at the end of the episode agrees that they won't talk about it again.

He last appears in Going Underground. There, they have settled into dating despite Caitlin's mishaps (which quite frequently lead to physical pain for Talon). Caitlin is worried, though, as they have not yet kissed. They finally share a kiss on a date, and Caitlin finds out that Talon does not know how to kiss, as he instead licks her. Caitlin tries to put up with this, but after a second date, she dumps him, indignant that he kisses like a golden retriever. After he is dumped, he is never seen again.


  • He's one of the rare occurences when Caitlin's relationships lasted longer than the first date.



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