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Tara Johansen
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Relationship Justin (broken up), Jonesy (broken up)
First Appearance A Ding from Down Under (cameo)
Last Appearance Snow Job

Tara was Jonesy's girlfriend in "Snow Job". Jonesy, upon learning her boyfriend had broken up with her and knowing she was considered the hottest girl at school, asked her out on a date. However, he later dumped her because he discovered that she was shallow and mean.


Tara first appeared in "A Ding from Down Under" inside Burger McFlipster's, looking to buy food. Jonesy serenaded her as part of his job, and she was turned away by his horrible singing voice. She also showed up in "Over Exposed", as part of Liza Lomen's entourage. However, her only major appearance was in Snow Job.

In that episode, Tara was dumped by her boyfriend, who wanted to go out with Tricia. She was in tears, and when she confessed this to Jonesy, he spotted an opportunity to ask her out. Nikki warned him that he shouldn't get to close to her, believing Tara to be shallow and self-centered; she was later proven right at the dance. There, Tara bossed Jonesy around, and when he complained, told him that he was lucky to even be there with her, as she was the most popular girl in school. This came to a head when Darth, who had been going through some relationship problems with Julie, burst into the dance and proclaimed his love for her. While this won Julie back for him, and the rest of the dance cheered his gutsy (if uncool) move, Tara and her friends mocked the two, believing them to be losers. This angered Jonesy, and called her out in front of all the attendees of the dance for being shallow, self-involved, rude, and mean, and then proceeded to dump her for exactly these reasons. In the same episode, she is shown to be a talented ice skater.


Tara is self-absorbed, unkind, and bossy. It is considered that the reason her ex-boyfriend went for Tricia instead is because of these traits. However, Tricia is just as mean and bossy as well, and is considered more of an antagonist to the teens. According to Nikki, she is "a shallow flake" and "the apex of the high school food chain".

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