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Tattoo Muscle Guy
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
First Appearance It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!

The Tattoo Muscle Guy is an intimidating muscled man known for the tattoos on his arms. He main job appears to be as a tattoo artist in the mall's tattoo parlor. He has also worked as a bouncer and as a bodyguard for celebrities. Interestingly, he has only been heard speaking once.

Despite being a tattoo artist, he has been seen most as a bouncer. His first appearance in this job was in "It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!" Before this, he was usually seen as a background character, standing in line and exuding an air of menace. In this appearance, he was guarding the way into Club X-S. He wasn't very skilled as a bouncer, as he couldn't tell that the gang's IDs were fake. He did know enough to not let in the ID-less Darth, and so was able to keep out teenager who didn't have a fake ID. When Ron informed him of the gang's presence inside, he was quick to roust them out with the mall cop's help, and did help arrest them.

His next appearance as a bouncer was in the episode "Role Reversal". Here, he once again proved his incompetence; although he was not supposed to let in any guys unless they had female dates, he let in Jude and Wyatt. It should be admitted that Jude was in drag and that he did keep out the dateless Jonesy Garcia, but Jude is still quite obviously a guy even when disguised as a girl.

Tattoo Muscle Guy's only work as a tattoo artist was in "One Quiet Day". There, he was going to give Nikki and Wyatt tattoos. This was part of their plan to make Jen crack and start bossing them around again, thus losing the bet. Their idea worked, as Jen screamed at them and delivered an ultimatum about how they don't want to get lousy tattoos. After she finished, the tattoo artist asked if anybody was going to get tattoos. This marked his only speaking moment. His voice was a deep growl, like that of a death-metal vocalist; its tone matches the his physical appearance. After he asked, Wyatt decided to get a tattoo after all in order to prove that he can, in fact, take risks. As such, it can be assumed that his sixteenth-note tattoo was drawn by Tattoo Muscle Guy.

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