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Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze when closed.

The Big Squeeze (often referred to as The Lemon or, more infrequently, The Squeeze) is a lemonade stand in the Galleria Mall food court. It's designed to look like a giant lemon (that open and closes) and with a bendy straw sticking out of it. Episodes often begin with the gang hanging out there. Caitlin works here to pay off her credit card debt. Originally, Jen worked here, but she only did it so that she could gain experience and be hired at the Penalty Box (you have to at least a year's worth of job experience to work there). The gang usually hangs around the juice stand, and they even have "their own" table (the one closest to the store).

However, in "Losing Your Lemon", look-a-likes of the gang claimed the table as theirs. In "Fish and Make Up", the gang had to gather near the fountain to avoid choosing sides between Caitlin and Nikki because the two girls had a fight and claimed sides of the mall for themselves. Most of the ideas, pranks, and bets are made here. They usually sit in the same seats at their table, going from left to right Caitlin (when she isn't working), Jen, Jude, Wyatt, Nikki, and Jonesy.


  • Big Steve is the owner of the store. Despite being the owner, he doesn't appear to be heavily involved in the operations of the Big Squeeze, because people who are employed there seem to do so with no real supervision.
  • There are four known current and former employees. In order of appearance, they are Jen (former), Caitlin (current), Katie (former), and Kevin (current).
  • The Party Lime was, in essence, a limeade version of the Big Squeeze.
  • As revealed in "The Fake Date," there is a Little Squeeze; a small cart that is reserved for private parties.
  • The name of the store is a pun on the term "big cheese", which describes a person who is the head of a business.
  • According to Jen in the pilot episode, the Big Squeeze is one of the few establishments in the Galleria Mall that actually hires people under sixteen.


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