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The Gigantoplex.

The Gigantoplex is a megaplex movie theatre located at the Galleria Mall. It is apparently cool to work there. Jonesy wanted to work here in the first episode, but he got turned down due to a bad interview. It is also where many dates at the mall take place (like Nikki and Stone's first date in "Jonesy's Low Mojo").

Jonesy is somehow able to sneak his friends into some of the movie theaters for free movies, but at the cost of not getting any seats for them. It actually seems that many teens know a back way in, as in numerous episodes various teenagers have been seen sneaking in (although they always eventually get caught by Ron). A good example of this is "Cheapskates", where Griffin and Jen sneak in due to Griffin's cheap ways.



The usher is the only character seen working here numerous times. He wears a red vest and white pants for his uniform, and he wears glasses as well. Said usher's first appearance was in "Deck the Mall", and oddly enough he first appeared outside the movie theater, picking up hockey gear from the Penalty Box. He is often seen in episodes where the teens get caught as the one who rousts them out, sometimes alone and sometimes working in tandem with Ron.

Hiring Manager

The hiring manager of the Gigantoplex has never been seen in person, but was shown interviewing Jonesy for a job in "Take This Job and Squeeze It," during which he flirted with her and tried asking her out on a date, but presumably rejected him.

Jonesy (former)

Jonesy worked here in the episode "Out Of This World". He was used as a mascot to promote the release of a new sci-fi film that involved him wearing an ugly costume. Initially, he turned down the job, but he took it when he urgently needed money to pay back a debt. He was eventually fired for being rude to customers.

George Bickerson (former)

George Bickerson got a job as an usher in "Bicker Me Not". In that episode, it was revealed that his first job was actually at the theater in the mall, back when it only had one screen, and that Gracie made him quit the job because she didn't consider it a "real" job.

Book Girl

As of "Cheapskates", Book Girl is seen working here. Before this, her job was at Nice Cinnabuns. It is suggested that she has quit said job, although her reason for doing so is never stated.


  • Although Jonesy was unable to procure employment here in the pilot, he was able to get a job here in "Out Of This World". It was, admittedly, a demeaning seasonal job, but it was a job.
  • Quite frequently the friends get thrown out for being disruptive.
  • The theatre hosted a movie premiere in "Double Date" that Jonsey, Nikki, Julie, and Darth went to. The film in question was an obvious reference to a series of high-budget sci-fi blockbusters.
  • As of "All Pets Are Off", the theater has installed a ticket machine in addition to its human ticket-takers called "Mr. Movie".
  • It was revealed in "Bicker Me Not" that the theater (and possibly the mall itself) has been around since at least the 1950s, as George Bickerson said that he held a job here before he got married to Gracie.
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