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"The Girls in the Band"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The 1970 film The Boys in the Band
The Girls in the Band
Season 1, Episode 13
Airdate: CAN: February 27, 2005
USA: November 4, 2008
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The Girls in the Band is the 13th episode of both the series and the first season, which aired on February 27, 2005 in Canada on Teletoon and on November 4, 2008 in the United States on Cartoon Network.

DawgToy, Jen and Caitlin's favorite boy band, comes to the mall to do a video shoot and hold auditions for a girl to be in their video. Jen and Caitlin naturally audition to be the girl, especially since the winner will get to meet DawgToy, but after an accident occurs involving Nikki's nose ring, Nikki gets selected to be in their video.


Jen and Caitlin listen to a boy band called DawgToy while walking with the gang as Jonesy talks about which jobs he's fired from and how he's looking for a new one. Jonesy and Wyatt realize that they are low on cash. The rest of the gang, except Caitlin and Jen talk about how they are going to spend their money until Jen and Caitlin sing another song by DawgToy. Jude, Nikki, Wyatt, and Jonesy then talk about how awful the boy band is. Wyatt said he wants his MP3 Player to be clean of DawgToy, but the two girls listening to them couldn't hear him. While listening to another song by the group, Caitlin accidentally pushes Pokey the Panda off the escalator, resulting in injury for him with Jonesy laughing about it and Ron putting security tape across Pokey. The kids cry when they saw this. Caitlin feels bad about this, but Wyatt points out that this has given Jonesy a new job: the Galleria Mall's newest Pokey the Panda.

Meanwhile, Nikki finds Caitlin a dress at the Khaki Barn, which Nikki finds as dull as any other clothing at the store. The sales were down as Kristen comes by with Nikki mentioning an embarrassment of Kristen's. Caitlin then tries on a shirt until her cellphone rang, who is Jen on the phone. She says their favorite boy band are finally coming to the mall. Caitlin gets excited when she hears about this. Nikki was less than excited to hear this. Caitlin tells Nikki one girl get to dance with the group entering a contest.

After all that, Caitlin (now at the The Big Squeeze) gets a poster of the group and squeals over them. Jonesy comes into play and is in the Pokey the Panda costume. Jonesy in the costume tells the other kids to go away and they cry again and this time run away. However, the little girl comes in and kicks him for being mean. Jude gets excited about having underwear, which later grossed him out when he found out they were DawgToy underpants. Jen and Caitlin continue about the group and Wyatt says they should cut it out about as well as Nikki and Jonesy and Jen and Caitlin says how awesome they are. Caitlin then dances, which were horrible moves. The two girls tell each other they had a chance to be in a video with DawgToy. They then drag Nikki along with them to audition with them.

When they were there, Jen was the last to dance in the audition and Jen was declared the winner until Nikki loses her nose ring. She dances to the beat making her accidentally wins the competition for a role in DawgToy's video, which makes Jen jealous.

Meanwhile, the boys enjoy some needed "guy time." Jude and Jonesy fart some big ones and bet that Wyatt can't loosen up simply because he can't fart on command with Wyatt denying it and Jude and Jonesy saying it's true. Wyatt, in a panda costume, kisses a girl and everyone cheers for him.

Jude spend some time with Pokey, who was not talking for some reason. Jen comes to Jude mad about how Nikki's in the DawgToy video and not her. Jude says it's awesome, but thought it was bad too because he hates them. The panda was revealed to be emptied and Jonesy was outside of the costume. Jen and Nikki argue over Nikki being chosen instead of Jen, but Nikki points out that it's not like she wanted to go in the first place. Wyatt leaves the argument since he doesn't like DawgToy anyway. Nikki then claims that she was going to let Jen have the spot in the video, but decides that she'd rather "embarrass" herself instead.

Meanwhile, Jonesy was being lazy at his job and Jude did some skateboard stunts on his skateboard with all the kids going at him. Jude then runs when Ron came to get "Pokey." Nikki dances on stage and Caitlin comments she was good and Jen's still mad and jealous that Nikki was chosen instead of her. Jonesy was back in his panda costume and dances to some music. Jude alarms Wyatt that Ron was coming and Wyatt then does a fake emergency and Ron leaves. Jude farts it out and the guys laugh. Jonesy is running from Ron.

At the Khaki Barn, Jen and Caitlin go to confront Nikki. Nikki tries leaving the store with her backpack, but it rips open, and all the stuff that falls out of Nikki's backpack turns out to be DawgToy-merchandise, revealing that Nikki's a closet fan of DawgToy (or "groupie" as the Clones put it)--this makes Jen and Caitlin realize the real reason why Nikki didn't want to give up her spot in the music video. When they question why Nikki didn't just tell them that she's a fan of DawgToy as well, Nikki explains that she was too embarrassed to say anything and admits that she's tried to stop listening to their music, but couldn't bring herself to stop liking DawgToy (especially Jason, who's her favorite member). Nikki and the other girls patch things up, and Nikki says that she can bring Jen and Caitlin backstage to meet the guys in the band, which they happily agree to.

Jen and Caitlin are excited to meet Jason and John from DawgToy, and Nikki gets Jason to sign a Jason-doll she has. At the end of the episode, Caitlin's audition video makes it onto the mall's jumboscreen, which embarrasses her, and Jonesy reveals he got fired from his job as Pokey the Panda after Caitlin asks if she can borrow his costume. The guys discover Nikki's Jason-doll and realize that she's a fan of DawgToy like Jen and Caitlin, and start making fun of her for it.


  • Pokey the Panda: Okay kids, watch this!
    (Caitlin's bad dancing knocks him down an escalator.)
    Jonesy: (after the Panda lands) That was awesome!
    Caitlin: I can't believe I just did that!
    Nikki: (shocked) You took out Pokey the Panda.
  • Jude: Well how do you know who's really beneath that fluffy costume? It could be, like, a mass murderer! Or my dad. Spying on me. Or maybe even one of our friends in deep cover. (counting them) One...two...three...four...five...six. Whew! It's not one of us.
  • Nikki: This dress is so boring, I'm falling asleep just looking at it.
  • Wyatt: (about Jonesy's job) C'mon, this can't be worse than when you were a Mountain Maid at Lederhosen Larry's.
    Jonesy: Way worse, man.
  • Jude: Oh holy underpants, what are these?
  • Jonesy: At least we don't have to worry about a third fart from Wyatt.
    Wyatt: What's that supposed to mean?
    Jonesy: Man, your butt's so uptight, you won't even use the food court washroom. I don't think we'll be hearing from it today.
    Jude: No worries. Allow me. (He farts.)
  • Jude: (breaking the fourth wall) The stunts you're about to see are performed by professionals. For your safety, and the protection of those around you, Pokey insists that you do not attempt any of what you're about to see.
  • Jen: (beefing) How could Nikki do this to me? It's just so insensitive. Besides, everyone knows she's just going to embarrass herself up there.
    Nikki: (behind Jen) Ahem!
  • Jude: (skateboarding in the Pokey costume) Prepare for panda domination!
  • Jen: You're a closet Dawgtoy fan!
    Kirsten: No, she's like a Dawgtoy groupie!
    Nikki: Stop! It's too humiliating!
    Caitlin: Admit it! You love Dawgtoy!
  • Ron: Stop it right there, panda scum! Nobody jumps in this soldier's fountain and gets away with it!
  • Jonesy: Well, well, welly well well!


  • The episode name is a reference to "The Boys in the Band".
  • Jonesy's job: Pokey the Panda
    Reason for firing: ignoring the kids and basically being a bad role model for them
  • Nikki is revealed to be a closet fan of DawgToy.
  • This is another time the make-out couple, Jason and Joanie, get separated from each other.
  • In one scene, Jude talks to the viewers. This is an instance of breaking the fourth wall.
  • Running Gags:
    • Girls screaming over DawgToy.
    • Someone saying that DawgToy sucks.
  • Kyle Donaldson makes another, brief cameo here, carrying a spotlight and remarking on Caitlin's poor audition.
  • The Petty Crime Records executive from Idol Time at the Mall appears again here. Strangely, his voice is different.



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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