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The goths (from left to right): Ax, Morgana, Nebula, Marilyn, and Judas.

The goths are a group of goths who hang out at the mall. Currently, there are five known current and former members of the group.


Ax is the goth who was first seen, and has appeared the most out of all the goths. He appears many times as a background character, and is considered by the gang to be weird. His first relatively major appearance was in One Quiet Day, where Caitlin pretended to date him in order to win a bet with Jen. In that same episode, he came along to see Nikki and Wyatt get tattooed. He also appeared at Spin This in Going Underground asking for a certain song, which was one of the catalysts for Wyatt's breakdown on the job, and showed up on the outflight plane sitting next to Nikki in In a Retail Wonderland...

Ax has hair dyed red and plenty of white pancake makeup, except around his eyes, which are surrounded in dark green eye shadow. He wears all black (black muscle shirt, black shorts, black combat boots) and has several tattoos. Interestingly, his wrists carry bands similar to the one on Nikki's right wrist.

Despite appearing the most of all the goths, he may actually have the least lines. In "Lights Out", he barely spoke, and all of his other appearances have been in the background or with very few lines. Apart from these episodes, he also had a very small speaking role in Another Day at the Office, when he shushed Jen as she tried to interrupt Jude's speech.


Judas is Jude's attempt at being a goth. According to him, the name means "Dark and Dark". He did this in order to try and make his relationship with Nebula (Starr) work. Unfortunately, he wasn't very good at being a goth, as he was far too frightened of slasher movies the other goths deemed "tame". At the end of the episode, he and Nebula broke up.


Marilyn was revealed to be the nicest of the group at the end of Lights Out, although initially he seemed cold and removed. He started out as merely the big guy in the group, but at the end of the episode had shown that he was one of the nicest people in it. This came about as he opened himself up more to the gang when the lights went out and showed that he was actually a pretty nice person.

He is the largest of the goths, being somewhat more muscular than any of them. He wears white pancake makeup, has numerous tattoos, and has long hair dyed a dark green color. Marilyn wears a retainer and holds a job at Double Dip Ice Cream. He also played on a junior varsity basketball team that won a championship as a center. He is the counterpart to Wyatt in his group. Other members include Morgana, who is Nikki's counterpart; Ax, who is Wyatt's counterpart; and Starr, who is closest to Jen in terms of personality. He showed up at the back of a line of couples with Morgana in Insert Name Here, which suggests that he and Morgana have started a relationship.


Morgana is a goth. She was part of the group Starr joined in Lights Out. When the gang and started hanging out, it was revealed that she was a counterpart to Nikki. Interestingly, she is also considered the leader of the goths.

Morgana is the shortest of the goths. She wears white pancake makeup and dyes her hair a bloodred color. Like Nikki, she is the most sarcastic of those in the group. She currently works at Bargain Bay. Interestingly, Caitlin mentioned going to tennis camp with her the previous summer in which her real name revealed to be Haley. Morgana says that she is the "Mistress of Macabre". She was seen at the back of a line of couples with Marilyn, which suggests that the two have begun going out.


Nebula is the name Starr took when she joined up with the goths in "Lights Out". She dyed her hair blue, changed her name to Nebula, and started wearing pancake makeup. According to her, Nebula means "Dark and Fathomless". In reality, a nebula is the shattered remains of a star after it goes supernova. Jude tried to become a goth as well in an attempt to make their relationship work, but at the end of the episode it turned out that they just weren't compatible in such a state.


  • Of all the goths, Ax has had the most appearances throughout the series.
  • Many references to the Saturday Night Live skit "Goth Talk" are made with the goths, especially with Morgana and Marilyn.
  • The goths, as an entire group, have only appeared in two episodes: Lights Out (with Ax, Judas, Marilyn, Morgana, and Nebula) and Another Day at the Office (with Ax, Marilyn, Morgana and Nebula). In the latter appearance, only Ax spoke; they were part of a line of teens hoping to get loans from "Mr. Loansbury".
    • However, Morgana made a cameo with Ax in Snow Job.
  • Morgana and Marilyn are seen together in Insert Name Here. In that same episode, Starr is seen walking by in a scene change, not dressed as Nebula, which suggests that she stopped being a goth at some point between "Another Day at the Office" and "Insert Name Here".


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