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"The Journal"
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Season 3, Episode 58
Airdate: CAN: October 7, 2007
USA: September 3, 2009
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The Journal is the 58th episode of 6teen which aired in Canada on Teletoon on October 7, 2007 and in the United States on Cartoon Network on September 3, 2009.

When Jen loses her journal, she looks everywhere to find it. What she doesn't know is that everyone else has read every embarrassing thought and emotion she has ever experienced. The Gang allowed this to happen and feel bad for it, so they make it up to her by telling everyone about her and how amazing she is.


Jonesy is talking to Wyatt, telling him that he scored the best job ever. Wyatt points out that whenever Jonesy says that, things go wrong, but Jonesy denies that this will happen. He then proceeds to detail how he can pretty much do whatever he wants and that there's a bunch of cool stuff lying around. He then proceeds to read Wyatt an entry from a diary. Wyatt spits out his coffee and hangs up, saying that he feels dirty. Jonesy then skips to another part, where he reads about the owner not liking her brothers. He then reads his name in reference, and realizes that he has Jen's diary.

Jen is talking to Nikki on the phone and complaining about a crush. She then says that being an Olympian would get him to notice her, and Nikki suggests sarcastically that she put it on her to-do list. Jen then says it's on there, and Nikki asks if it's between "cure cancer" and "stop global warming". Jen then tells her it's on another list, and says she has her lists categorized in her journal. She then rummages in her bag and freaks out when she can't find it. Nikki asks if there's stuff in there she doesn't know, and Jen says there's just little stuff, like her "Top 10" list. Nikki then says she'll help find it.

Jonesy is reading the diary to an eager Stuart Goldstein. Nikki walks up and says she lost her boyfriend. Jonesy returns with some banter, and they kiss. She then asks what he's reading, and he confesses it to be Jen's diary. Nikki yells at him and they have a tugging match over it. Nikki eventually pulls it away, and Caitlin enters. Nikki tosses her the book and tells her it's Jen's journal. Caitlin agrees to return it to Jen, and she leaves. Nikki then tells Jonesy he has the emotional depth of plankton, and Jonesy, having found a game system, tells her that he's her plankton.

Jude is skating blindly through the mall. He runs into Caitlin, and both the skateboard and the book fly up in the air. Jude checks his phone and notes that he set a new record for blind skating: 42 seconds. Caitlin then looks up and catches the book, which falls open. Jude asks what it is, and Caitlin mentions that it's Jen's diary, and then sees something about her. Jen is angry that Caitlin can get any guy while she's perpetually single. Caitlin says it's not her fault and continues to read. Jude tells her to go ahead; he's going to wait for the movie. Jude skates off, and Darth and Julie walk past. As the dorks pass, Caitlin reads aloud a passage about rash cream, thinking that Jude is listening. Darth and Julie are shocked by this. Caitlin then looks up, realizes that Jude's gone, and turns back to the book. Darth and Julie peer over her shoulder and read along.

Jen is furiously hunting through the Penalty Box for her journal. Coach Halder notices what she's doing and penalizes her, stating that she gets five minutes in the box for disrupting the store. He then adds another five on for calling him a self-absorbed lunkhead. When Jen asks where he heard that, he nearly breaks down in tears, but he confesses that he heard it around before running away crying. Jen notes that the only place she ever called him that her journal.

Jonesy is playing the game while Wyatt watches. Wyatt notes that the job is really quite nice. Stanley then appears and demands his game back. Jonesy refuses to give it back, instead asking impossible questions. Wyatt initially reprimands Jonesy for this, but stops when he notices a Gibson Les Paul in the corner. Jonesy tells him to go ahead and play, and Wyatt leaps over the divider in a rush to get to the guitar.

Nikki recieves a call at the Khaki Barn. It is Jen, who is freaking out about her journal's secrets beginning to get loose. Nikki realizes that Caitlin didn't deliver the goods, and tells Jen to stay calm until she finds the journal. Jen hangs up, and the buzzer rings, signaling that her penalty is over. Jen steps out, and asks Stuart Goldstein if she can help him. Stuart immediately brings up needing a cream for his rash, and Jen screams.

Jude walks into the lost-and-found only to find Wyatt playing the guitar and Jonesy playing bongos. Jude asks if he can buy the bongos. This surprises Jonesy, but he readily hands them over for $3.27. Wyatt says that he has legal, moral, and practical problems with Jonesy doing this, so Jonesy grabs the guitar and tells Wyatt to leave, as the lost-and-found is a problem-free zone.

Nikki finds Caitlin reading the diary by the fountain. Nikki reprimands her and takes it back. Caitlin acquiesces that Nikki is right about her being a bad friend, but notes that she understands why Jen ranked her dead last in her "people with charisma" list. Nikki initially denies this, but Caitlin notes the page. Nikki opens to it to find that Caitlin is right. Shortly thereafter, she begins reading the diary as well.

Jonesy is trying to sell an umbrella to an old man at the lost and found. Jen rushes in and asks if he's seen her journal. Jonesy assures her that it's not there. The old man then asks if she's Jen the Journal Girl and tells her not to worry about her bust size. This shocks Jen, and she runs out. Jonesy notes to the man that he never read anything about the bust size, and the man tells Jonesy that there's a very entertaining public reading by the fountain.

Caitlin and Nikki are still reading. Behind them are gathered many old people. Wyatt and Jude arrives, and they see Caitlin and Nikki discussing it. Wyatt is at first angry that they'd do this, but they then point out that Wyatt is ranked first on her "Worst Coffee Breath" list. Wyatt grabs it and begins reading, angry about this. Jude, meanwhile, walks on by.

Jen runs up to the closed Big Squeeze and hammers on it. Darth and Julie come up, and Darth mentions something else from the journal. Jen grabs him by the necktie and asks where he heard it, and Darth fearfully points in the direction of the fountain. Jen runs in that direction.

Jonesy comes up to the three friends, who are still reading. He tells them he's a moneymaking genius, but then sees the journal in Nikki's hands. When he points it out to her, she tells him that if he says anything to Jen, she'll kill him. Jonesy sits down and asks what page they're on. They state that it's page 63, and Jonesy grabs it, pointing out that Jen numbers the pages of her diary and then wonders why nobody calls her cool. He then points out that she made pie charts about each of them. Nikki says that nobody tells Jen about this. Jen gasps, and heads swivel. The Journal Girl has arrived. Jen then complains that they told everyone her embarrassing secrets, and a mutter goes up from the crowd. Wyatt, Jonesy, Caitlin, and Nikki turn around to see it for the first time. Nikki tries to apologize, but Jen is too distraught to hear. At that moment, a cute guy comes up and asks if the rash ever cleared up. Jen bursts into tears and runs away.

The gang minus Jen is gathered around the table. Jude is playing the bongos. Nikki gets him to stop. They then blame each other for what happened, saying that everyone was tricked into reading it. The gang then realize that this isn't what the problem is; the problem is they breached Jen's trust. Jonesy is unconvinced until Nikki asks how he'd feel if the mall knew all his thoughts. Jonesy then imagines walking through the mall with Nikki. In the dream, he is detailing what he did with every girl they pass as Nikki gets angrier and angrier. Finally, Nikki punches him, and Jonesy instantly decides that they need to go apologize to Jen.

Jonesy leads the gang home, where Jen is in bed, depressed and bingeing on brownies. When Nikki knocks and identifies the gang, she huddles under the covers. They try to win her back, but end up quoting stuff from her journal in the attempt. This only makes Jen even angrier, and she kicks them out. They end up back by the Big Squeeze, Jude playing the bongos again. The gang yells at him to stop, and the conversation turns to how they can make it up to Jen. Nikki then turns to Jonesy and asks if he ever thought about being more than friends with Jen in the seventh grade. Jonesy is confused by this line of questioning and answers no. Suddenly, he realizes that Jen had a crush on him. He dances around, exceedingly happy about this. Nikki is very irritated by this, especially when Jonesy starts bragging, and she punches him. Jonesy loses consciousness and hits the ground. A pretty lady then walks up to the table. Jude guesses that she likes his bongos, and she grabs them away, stating that they're her bongos before she leaves.

Later, Jonesy is hunting through the lost and found for a peace offering. He realizes he sold all the top-quality merchandise and turns around to see a crowd of people who lost their stuff. One says he lost his guitar, and Jonesy guesses that another lost her purse. He scratches his head nervously.

The Clones are reciting things they heard about Jen to each other. Nikki, annoyed, says that she heard they have hairy backs. They ask where she heard it, and she says it's a story going around. The Clones gasp in fear, and Nikki notes this. She then calls Caitlin and tells her to teleconference. The five get on the phone, and Jonesy reveals that he got beaten up for selling the stuff and that he lost his job. Nikki tells him to concentrate and outlines her plan. The gang then proceed to spread good rumors about Jen. This ups her cool quotient and buries the bad rumors, and the gang are all happy. Jude then says he'll go talk to Jen and get her to come back.

Jude goes into Jen's room. Jen at first refuses to come out or even talk to him, but Jude then makes a speech about how if she comes back to the mall and is their friend again and takes a shower and feels the love she will feel much better. At first, she is unconvinced, but she then decides to go for it and goes to the bathroom. There, she takes a shower, gets dressed, and goes with Jude.

At the mall, Jen sees people walk by talking about how awesome she is, hears rumors about it, and is even asked for her autograph. She asks Jude what they did, and they tell her that they fixed it. Jen then pretends that she won't forgive them for fixing things before twisting it by saying she loves them. They hug, and Eddie comes up and asks Jen out. Jen agrees. Ron then arrives and tells them to move along, as there are no free love orgies in the food court. The gang, still hugging, shuffles off.

Later, the mall is still cheering her as she sits at the table with her friends. Jen tells her friends that she doesn't want to go out with Eddie, as he's too wishy-washy about her and doesn't really know who she is. The gang then give her a present: a lock for her journal. Jen takes it gladly, then opens the book and checks something off her to-do list: being a role model.


  • Nikki: "So?"
    Jen: "My life is over."
    Nikki: "Overreact much?"
    Jen: "Not only is my journal still missing, but what's in it is starting to get out."
    Nikki: "Wait, didn't Caitlin come by?"
    Jen: "I haven't seen her all day."
    Nikki: "That's what I get for delegating."
    Jen: "What is that supposed to mean?"
    Nikki: "Don't worry. I'm gonna find your journal, okay? Just try to act sane until I get there." (The buzzer sounds, meaning Jen's penalty is over.)
    Jen: "Can I help you?"
    Stuart Goldstein: "Yeah, I heard through the grape vine that you might be able to recommend a good cream for my rash."
    Jen: "Noooo!"
  • Jonesy: "Check it out! She made a pie chart about each of us."
    Wyatt: "I'm thirty percent talent, but only five percent style? Ouch."
    Nikki: "Remember, no one ever tells Jen about this! Ever!"
    Jen: (gasps) "I don't believe it."
    Nikki: "Jen-"
    Jen: "Thanks to my so-called friends, now everybody knows every embarrassing detail of my life!" (Jonesy, Wyatt, Nikki and Caitlin finally notice the crowd as they begin jeering.)
    Nikki: "Jen, please-"
    Jen: "How could you?"
    Eddie: "Hey there. I was just wondering, did that rash ever clear up?" (Jen breaks out in tears and walks away.)
    Caitlin: "Oh no!"
    Jonesy: "Yikes."
    Nikki: "What have we done?"
  • Nikki: "Imagine how you'd feel if the entire mall knew all your thoughts."
    Jonesy: (in his imagination) "Scored her, and her, her, struck out with her, but scored with her, twice." (Nikki stops and punches Jonesy.)
  • Nikki: "Jen, it's us."
    Jen: "Go away."
    Wyatt: "We just want to apologize."
    Jonesy: "You wanna, maybe, come out from under the covers?"
    Jen: "So I can look at the so-called friends who ruined my life?! Nuh-unh!"
    Caitlin: "Come on, Jen. We made a big mistake. It's like you say in your journal: 'friendship can't be undone, not when you're as close as we are.'"
    Wyatt: "Yeah, and what about when you said 'sometimes they drive me crazy, but I wouldn't change my friends for anything in the world?'"
    Jen: "I said that before you read my journal and started quoting from it! Now all of you, get out of my room and out of this house forever!"
  • Jonesy: "No. I never kissed Jen or thought about being more than friends. Why, did she- Jen has a crush on me!" (falls out of his chair)
    Nikki: "No."
    Jonesy: "Jen is into me?"
    Nikki: "Was into you. Past tense."
    Caitlin: "Nikki!"
    Jonesy: "Jen had a past tense crush on me!"
    Nikki: "Ugh, what is wrong with me? Ugh!"
    Jonesy: "And back then, I had braces and way bad hair, but I was still enough of a stud to turn her crank." (Nikki punches him again, this time in reality.) "Ow that hurt! Losing consciousness." (faints)
  • Jude: "I'm here to tell you that everything is all better. So, you can come back to the mall and be our friend again."
    Jen: "Forget it! I am not going anywhere!"
    Jude: "You know, Jen, you can stay here and be all sad, and kinda smelly, or, you can come to the mall and bask in the love and admiration of your peers, once you've showered, that is. Because, when you think really hard about it and say 'dudes, what you did was pretty dorky, but hey, I forgive you' you'll feel like a hundred pounds lighter. And lighter is always better than heavier. Just look at textbooks, skateboards, laptops, even. Which would you choose? Heavier or lighter? Lighter, every time, dude! And when you-"
    Jen: "So? Let's go already!"
  • Nikki: "So, think you can forgive us now?"
    Jen: "You expect me to forgive you for making me a role model? Well I don't forgive you for it... I love you for it!"
    Caitlin: "EEEE!" (The friends hug.)


  • It's revealed that Jen had a crush on Jonesy in Grade 7.
  • Jen makes useless graphs in her journal.
    • One example includes the bar graph about her friend's butts; Caitlin's is the highest and Nikki's is the roundest.
  • It is revealed that Jonesy still sleeps with his teddy bear, as does Jen, although these facts were not revealed at the same time.
  • Jonesy's job: clerk at Lost & Found
    Reason for firing: he was selling the lost items to other people.
  • The guitar that is found in the Lost and Found is a Gibson Les Paul Standard. These regularly are sold (brand new) for approx. $2,000 U.S.
  • Stanley's handheld video game system resembles the first-generation Game Boy.
  • Jude was the only one of the main five who didn't read Jen's journal.
  • This is the first time a scene has been re-used during an episode (Nikki punching Jonesy).
  • Jude apparently sees how long he can skate with his eyes shut before falling off. His record in this episode is 42 seconds.
  • Jude says that it would be cool to be played by Kiefer Sutherland in a movie about the gang.
  • Goof: Wyatt is incredibly excited about there being a Gibson Les Paul in the Lost and Found despite him owning one, as seen in The Lords of Malltown.
    • Of course, it's possible that Wyatt owns a cheaper Epiphone model, and not the more expensive and higher quality Gibson model.
  • Wyatt's line "the first crush is the deepest" is a reference to the song The First Cut Is the Deepest.
  • Wyatt is offended that Jen lists him as having the worse coffee breath in the gang. However, it's known to all of them that he's a coffee addict and has a hard time functioning before his first cup of the day.
  • Jen owns at least three teddy bears; the one on her bed is pink, named Jingles.
  • The ceiling light in Jen's room is stylized after hanging center scoreboards used inside professional hockey arenas.
  • Jen's mushroom allergy is mentioned again in this episode.
  • Charlie Dobbs makes a cameo near the end of the episode.
  • This is the only appearance of Eddie.



This clip was provided by zeroXsnow on YouTube.

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