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"The List"
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Caitlin and Jen in disguise
Season 4, Episode 87
Airdate: CAN: November 12, 2009
USA: May 17, 2010
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The List is the 87th episode of 6teen and the seventh episode of the fourth and final season. It aired on Teletoon on November 12, 2009 and on Cartoon Network on May 17, 2010.

In this episode, Wyatt laments his inability to get a date, which leads to Jonesy giving him a copy of his list of all the girls he's ever hooked up with. However, Nikki is upset by the list and his entry on her. Meanwhile, someone steals Caitlin's credit card and starts using it all around the mall.


Jude is trying to count the beans in a jar in order to win a prize, and as he notices a zit forming, he makes the correct guess, prompting him to think the forming zit is lucky. He meets with the girls and tells them about his supposed lucky zit as Jonesy arrives declaring he has a new job. Wyatt arrives as well, sulking as he states his previous date did not go well. After the girls and Jonesy leave, Wyatt slams his head on the table.

Later, Jude continuously flips a coin and it lands on heads every time while Wyatt keeps his head flat on the table as Caitlin is working. As the other three friends arrive, Jude points out how badly Wyatt needs a girlfriend, but Wyatt claims to be giving up on girls, fearing he will grow up without one. In response to Wyatt's grievances, Jonesy offers him his "list," a PDA containing records of every girl he has encountered; intervening, an angry Nikki snatches the device and confronts Jonesy for secretly keeping it. Jonesy asks if this is a problem; in response, Nikki quizzes him on how many months they have been together. Since Jonesy does not know the answer, Nikki leaves, tossing the list behind her back. Jude, however, saves it before it hits the ground, attributing his feat to his zit.

Later at The Khaki Barn, Nikki criticizes Jonesy for judging girls simply based on superficial details and not their personalities. Against Jonesy's wishes, Nikki then looks at her record on the list and is appalled at what she reads—her entry criticizes her for not wearing skirts, her odor when she is nervous, and her many piercings. Jonesy insists that entry is not up to date, so Nikki asks him what he thinks about her now, only for him to vaguely claim that she is "good" since he does not truly know how he feels, prompting his angered girlfriend to exit. Concurrently at Burger McFlipster's, Wayne reveals to Wyatt he knows about the list, citing that word about it spread via gossip. Wyatt insists the list is not a big deal, but Wayne states he takes the list seriously, claiming it "unlocks the final piece of the puzzle to women."

Later at The Penalty Box, the girls discuss Jonesy's list; Nikki and considers giving her relationship with him a break until he can decide his feelings for her, adding that she wants to dress showily while telling this to him. Back at Burger McFlipster's, Jude asks Wyatt if his zit is growing, but Wyatt claims that a zit cannot be lucky. Jude, however, insists that the zit is truly lucky, and then orders fries with extra grease, hoping it will make the zit grow and thus make him more lucky. Meanwhile, as Nikki tries on a new outfit as planned, Jonesy notices Wayne following him around endlessly, the latter demanding the list. Despite Jonesy's warning he will never have the list, Wayne refuses to resign.

Back at Albatross & Finch, Caitlin proceeds to pay for Nikki's outfit but notices her credit card is missing. She calls the company to find out about where the card was last used, then concludes that someone stole her card upon hearing it was used at a store at which she never shops. Meanwhile at the North Shore, Jude finds out about a drawing for a longboard; he fills out a ballot, rubbing it on his zit for luck. Speaking with Julie at Wonder Taco Jonesy ponders his feelings of Nikki, concluding she is "the one," but starts to worry if Nikki will return the feelings as Jen and Caitlin collect information about the thief who stole Caitlin's credit card. Using the information gathered, Jen draws what the thief might look like, which turns out to be a crudely drawn picture that disgusts Caitlin.

While Jude continues trying to make his zit grow, by the fountain Wayne gives a speech to a crowd of single teenage/early twenties males about the list, hoping to get them to help in retrieving it. Meanwhile at The Big Squeeze, Jude tells about the raffle for the longboard, then eats a chocolate-covered pizza, thinking it will enlarge his zit. Caitlin receives a call from her credit card company that her card was just used at another store, prompting her and Jen to leave in search of the thief. Wyatt warns Jude that should his zit continue growing, it thus becomes more vulnerable to breakage, forcing the latter to think of a way to safeguard his zit. Jonesy realizes his list is in danger of being stolen by Wayne and his army, then puts Jude in charge of hiding the list while Nikki arrives donning her new apparel. Just as Nikki prepares to tell Jonesy she will put their relationship on break, Wayne and his army arrive to steal the list. After Jonesy and Jude escape, Nikki asks Wyatt where the list is; Wyatt claims it was planned to be hidden in the air vents, but Nikki cuts him off before he can finish answering that this plan is no longer.

Jen and Caitlin gather even more information about the thief—they are confident the thief is a male who is likely heading for the food court. Up in the air vents meanwhile Nikki searches for Jonesy's list, planning to crush it, but falls through a grate and into one of the washrooms, where Julie is. There Nikki asserts she wants to know what Jonesy feels about her, so Julie tells her he thinks she is "the one." Meanwhile, as Wayne et al. continue their pursuit, Jude gets a cone to help protect his zit and claims the cone also gives him bionic hearing. Hearing a coin drop, he ventures to retrieve it.

Back at the food court, Jen and Caitlin catch the thief paying for fries using Caitlin's credit card; Caitlin exposes the thief when the waitress asks for verification for the name on the card. The waitress then calls mall security while Caitlin and the thief start to flirt. Jen reminds Caitlin he is the one who stole her credit card, so Caitlin allows Ron to arrest the thief. Walking past a hardware store, Jude finds the coin that was dropped; he is further convinced his zit is lucky when a prop hammer nearly misses him as it falls. While still trying to reinforce the zit, Jude gets a call from a pursued Jonesy asking for the list. Narrowly escaping and getting handed the list, Jonesy then tosses it into the fountain, leaving Wayne in tears.

Jonesy and Jude meet with Wyatt in one of the washrooms to back up the copy of the list from a laptop to another PDA. Nikki finds the boys and apologizes to Jonesy for overreacting to the list, stating he can keep it, but Jonesy claims he already deleted it, adding that he edited her record beforehand to, "She is the one." Nikki admits she feels the same way, and she has a romantic moment with her boyfriend after Jude and Wyatt leave. Jonesy compliments Nikki's skirt but becomes curious when she admits all the guys love the skirt as well. Later at the North Shore, the drawing for the longboard begins. The gang wish Jude luck, but instead, another male, Shay Walker, does. In a celebratory dance, Shay unwittingly applies excess force on Jude's zit, breaking it and sending pus everywhere.


  • Nikki: "Are you really gonna make one of us ask?"
    Jonesy: "I got a new job at the photocopy shop. It's called 'Copy Bats.' "
    Jen: "Shouldn't that be 'Copy Cats'?"
    Jonesy: "That's what I said to the boss. He said that name was already taken."
  • Wyatt: "Why am I single?" (smacks head on table repeatedly) "Why? Why? Why?"
  • Nikki: "What's that?"
    Jonesy: "It's my list." (Jude and Wyatt gasp.)
    Jen: "The list?"
    Jude: "I've never been so close." (approaches the list but is stopped by Jonesy)
    Jonesy: "A meticulous record of every girl I've ever...encountered. Notes, phone numbers, assessments, play by plays, it's all in here."
    Nikki: "Uh, no. Hang on a second!"
    Jonesy: "If this can help you get back in the game and avoid being eaten by cats, I want you to take it."
    Nikki: (snatches the list) "I cannot believe that A) you have a list, and B) you've been carrying it around with you the whole time we've been dating!"
  • Nikki: "How long have we been dating?"
    Jonesy: "For like, a while?"
    Nikki: "A while?! No no no. In months, Jonesy. How many months have we been together." (to Jen) "No helping!" (to Jonesy) "Well, how many months?"
    Jonesy: "Sev-eral."
    Caitlin: "Ooh!"
    Nikki: "Give me a number!"
    Jonesy: "Oh Nikki! What's a number anyway?"
    Wyatt: "A mathematical representation of value."
    Jonesy: "And that is why you're single."
    Nikki: "You know what?! You should hang on to your list! Who knows when you might need it again?!"
  • Nikki: "Am I on the list?!" (Jonesy tries to stop her but fails.) " 'Nikki: no skirts; smells good unless nervous; with all those piercings, it's like kissing a tackle box'?!"
    Jonesy: "The list is out of date! That's from before we were really a couple!"
    Nikki: "So what would you say if you wrote it now, huh? How would you sum me up?!"
    Jonesy: "Um, Nikki is...uh...good?"
    Nikki: "That's how you feel about me? I'm, uh, 'good'?! That's it?!"
    Jonesy: "I, uh, I don't know how I feel!"
    Nikki: "Talking stops now!"
    Jonesy: "Nikki wait!"
  • Jonesy: "You deserve to have this."
    Wayne: "Thank you, Jonesy. Thank you." (opens up paper)
    Jonesy: "It's a photocopy of my bum."
    Wayne: "For the last time, give me. That. List!"
    Jonesy: "You'll never get your hands on it!"
    Wayne: "We'll see about that!" (stops to stare at Jonesy's buttocks until Jonesy snatches it back)
  • Caitlin: "My credit card is gone!"
    Jen: "Where'd you use it last?"
    Caitlin: "I don't know. I'll call and find out. Hi, this is Caitlin Cooke. Can you tell me the last place I used my credit card? Today? Bargain Fashion Hut? But their smallest size is an eight!" (hangs up) "Someone stole my credit card!" (cries and runs away)
  • Wyatt: "Careful. That zit gets much bigger, any little thing could pop it."
    Jude: "Dude, you think? I gotta protect the luckster at all costs!"
  • (crowd runs toward Jonesy)
    Jonesy: "Gotta go!"
    Jude: "Don't hurt my zit!"
    Nikki: "I'm so mad at him right now! I wish I could just smash that stupid PDA! Hey, do you know where it is?"
    Wyatt: "Jude said he was going to hide it in the air vents."
    Nikki: "Air vents. Got it!"
    Wyatt: "But now he's going to put it somewhere else!"
  • Nikki: "When I find his PDA, I'm gonna crush it in my hand! Is that a mousetrap? What's that doing up here? Oh no! Mice!" (falls out into the washrooms)
  • Jen: "Caitlin, this guy stole from you. He went on a shopping spree that should've been yours, and now he wants you to pay for it!"
    Caitlin: "You're right! Book him, Ron! Sorry, hotstuff. Maybe there's something between us and maybe there isn't, but I'm still sending you over. If you can't do the time, you don't do the crime."
    Jen: "This was so much fun!"
  • Wayne: "This isn't over! We'll never stop until we get that list!"
    Jonesy: "I could never let that happen, Wayne, so you leave me no choice!" (throws the list into the fountain)
    Wayne: "No! Why would you do that?!" (begins crying)
  • Wyatt: (reading Nikki's profile on the list) " 'Nikki: She's the one.' Whoa!"
    Jonesy: "So?"
    Nikki: "So, I feel the same way."


  • There are several similarities to The Lord of the Rings.
    • Several forces vie for possession of a certain object (here, the PDA; in LotR, the ring).
    • The protagonists play keep-away from their opponents.
    • The object is thrown into something that destroys it (here, the mall fountain; in LotR, a volcano).
    • Wayne even refers to it as "One List to Rule Them All". In Lord of the Rings, the Ring in question is known as "One Ring to Rule Them All".
  • Jonesy's Job: employee at Copy Bats
    Reason for firing: Unknown.
  • This is the second time Jude competes in a contest where the grand prize is a year of free coffee. The first time was in Smarten Up.
  • The game Zit Defence is partially based on the "lucky zit" subplot of this episode.
  • There are 15,836 beans in the jar.
  • Caitlin refers to Jude's zit as a "lip thingy on your chin". This is a callback to The One with the Cold Sore, where that was how she entitled her cold sore (which Jude characterized as a lip zit).
  • Wyatt mentions that he was driving his date home. This means that at some point between A Ding from Down Under and this episode, he must have gotten his drivers license, as in the former episode he had to bike to and from the mall.
  • Wayne mentions that "like the kids who escaped Warlock Mountain, I possess extrasensory perception". Warlock Mountain is obviously a parody of Witch Mountain, and Wayne is referencing the movie Escape to Witch Mountain.
  • Jude mentions that the longboard has been personally autographed by Christian Lotenza. This is a reference to Jude's voice actor, Christian Potenza.
  • Caitlin mentions a Von Ditch store. This store was only mentioned once before, in Losing Your Lemon.
  • Wayne's statement "The horror. The horror." is a reference to the novel Heart of Darkness, where those are the final words of Colonel Kurtz.
    • Alternatively, and considering Wayne's fascination with film, the statement could be a reference to Apocalypse Now, which was loosely based on the novel in question.
  • The winner of the longboard, Shay Walker, looks exactly like the manager of the mall arcade from Jonesy's Low Mojo.
  • It is heavily implied in this episode that Nikki is afraid of mice.
  • The contest Jude wins will give him free coffee for a year. However, he already won free coffee for a year in the contest in Smarten Up.



This clip was provided by JDD6214 on YouTube.

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