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"The New Jonesy"
Episode name reference to/pun on: None
Season 3, Episode 60
Airdate: CAN: October 21, 2007
USA: May 25, 2009
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The New Jonesy is the 60th episode of the series and the 6th episode of the third season. It aired in Canada on October 21, 2007 and in the United States on May 25, 2009.

When Jen gets a boyfriend who looks like a carbon copy of Jonesy, the Gang is skeptical to whether or not she still likes Jonesy. Meanwhile, Jude and the rent-a-cop race to the death to settle a disagreement... in a Zamboni and mall cop cart.


Jonesy and Nikki are on the ice, skating. In fact, the whole gang is there; Jen and Wyatt are on skates, Jude is driving the Zamboni, and Caitlin has a new hairdo. Jen and Wyatt skate over to Caitlin and Jen tells her she has a new boyfriend, Smithy. Caitlin is about to say something, but at that moment the Zamboni glides by and her hair puffs up into an afro. Caitlin becomes dejected. Jonesy and Nikki join them, and Jen tells them more about her boyfriend. Someone then calls her. It is Jonesy's clone. Everybody but Jen notices this; Jen says that it's Smithy and leaves with him. The friends debate over if they should say anything and decide not to.

Later, Wyatt is riding on the Zamboni with Jude. A guy says Jude rocks, and Jude thanks him. He then explains to Wyatt that since he got on the Zamboni he's had fans. A girl then tells him he missed a spot, and Wyatt incredulously asks if he's had groupies, too. Jude affirms it, and states that it's the power of the Zamboni.

Caitlin and Nikki are discussing Smithy's looks. Caitlin points out that it's called "Mr. Replacement": Jen still isn't over her Grade 7 crush on Jonesy, so she's dating a lookalike. She then mentions being an expert in these things and hauls out a stack of film reels.

Jonesy and Wyatt are at Burger McFlipster's when Jude pulls in on his Zamboni. Wyatt asks about it, and Jude says that the ice needed a break from the fans, so he took the Zamboni off-road. He then tells him that it's his duty to give the people what they want. At that moment, Ron arrives and states that what he wants is justice. He then slaps Jude with a ticket for illegally parking an amphibious vehicle. Jude takes some money out of his pocket and pays. When Jonesy asks where he got the money, Jude tells him that he gave a couple of girls a ride and they tipped him. Wyatt then asks if he can get half the tips if he helps, and Jude agrees. Jonesy is about to cut in when Wyatt reminds him that he has to go to work at Huntingtons.

The girls are crouched behind a potted plant. Jonesy and Smithy are in El Sporto's. They show Jen that Jonesy and Smithy look, act, and eat exactly the same, but Jen doesn't see it. Caitlin reads in the magazine that resistance is normal, and that the subject should be exposed to stimuli. They then look up and see that Smithy and Jonesy have left. The party of three then moves to Grind Me. Inside, they see Jonesy and Smithy check out a girl the exact same way. Jen still doesn't see the resemblance. The girls then leave the coffee shop. Meanwhile, Ron is checking out the scene. He states that everything is quiet. Suddenly, a thief runs by, carrying a woman's purse. Ron leaps on his extremely slow vehicle and gives chase. The thief is getting away when Jude, ahead of him, sees the thief. Thinking quickly, Jude releases some water from the Zamboni tank. The thief runs into it, slips, skids, and slams into the rear of the vehicle. The purse flies into the air and Jude catches it. Ron catches up to him and tells him that his days are numbered as people cheer for Zamboni Dude. Jude then hands the purse to the old woman, who thanks him.

Nikki stands outside the Penalty Box with Caitlin and states that she's just going to break it to Jen. Nikki then enters and asks if Jen has a crush on Jonesy. Jen falls to the floor in a hysterical fit of laughter. When she gets up, Caitlin points out that Jen is dating Jonesy's clone. This angers Jen, who tells them that Smithy is not Jonesy's clone; he likes opera, speaks French, and hates organized sports. Jen then marches off angrily.

Meanwhile, Jude is driving some Pre-teen Girls through the food court. Ron pulls them over and slaps them with three tickets. At this, Jude realizes that the tickets are killing his profit margin. Wyatt then hops off and confronts Ron, telling Ron that he's just jealous Jude does a better job of protecting the mall than he does. This angers the cop, who challenges them to a three o'clock race. The boys agree, certain that they can beat Ron's slow-as-molasses golf cart.

Jonesy and Smithy meet outside Huntington's. Smithy asks if the after-model position is still open, and Jonesy tells him that it's filled. Smithy is disappointed, but Jonesy says he can put in a good word for him as the before-model. Smithy agrees, saying that it seems like he gets fired from every job he takes. Caitlin and Nikki watch, astonished. Jude and Wyatt then come by. Wyatt is playing a love song for Jason and Joanie, who are perched on the top kissing. Jude waves to Jonesy, and Jonesy waves back. At this, Jude sees two Jonesys and screams. He takes his eyes off the road. By the time he recovers his senses, the Zamboni is about to run into a pole. Wyatt, Jason, and Joanie bail out. Jude desperately pulls the steering wheel, and the Zamboni turns left and slams into a display rack of wigs. They fly everywhere, and a brown one that looks like Jonesy's hair lands on Jonesy. The two Jonesys are now identical in everything but clothing. This freaks Jude out even more, although this time the cart has stopped. The hiring manager for the modeling job comes out, sees the twins, and instantly hires Smithy, dragging him inside. Jen then arrives and, mistaking Jonesy for Smithy, says he won't believe what Nikki and Caitlin were saying. She then grabs Jonesy and kisses him. Jonesy asks what that was for, and Jen asks if something is wrong. Jonesy then tells her he's Jonesy, and Jen screams.

Later, the gang is gathered around the table. Jen is complaining about having kissed Jonesy. The gang tries to convince her it's okay, but Jen is still angry, saying that she never would have kissed him if it weren't for that wig. Smithy then comes up and reveals that he has tickets for the White Hot Albino Peppers concert. Jen congratulates him, and he says it's only the best for Jen. He then moves to kiss her, and in Jen's mind is transformed into Jonesy. Jen backs away, knowing she wants to kiss him but doesn't want to kiss Jonesy. They then walk off together at her insistence. After they leave, Jonesy notes that she has it bad for him. Nikki tells her boyfriend to watch it.

Jude and Wyatt are doing yoga in preparation for the race. Jen, meanwhile, is in the Penalty Box, thanking Smithy for getting the concert tickets. Smithy leans to kiss her, and she falls back. Jen then suggests he get a makeover and puts a bunch of clothes on him that cover his face. Smithy then states that he's starting to think she doesn't like him. Jen says she does like him, but then bursts out that she's not attracted to him anymore. She tries to explain why, but botches the attempt, and Smithy walks away.

Caitlin is with Nikki when they hear Jen. Jen is hiding under the table. They try to talk with her, but Jen doesn't listen, instead pulling her hoodie shut and turning away. She starts to walk off, but runs into Jonesy. Jonesy makes a big thing, saying that she's still attracted to him, and Jen tries to deny it. Smithy then calls to her, and she runs away. Smithy arrives with a box, saying he planned to return her stuff. Caitlin pokes him. When he asks why, she says she wanted to see if Jonesy gets hurt when he does.

Wyatt starts the race. The two ease out, going at their customary slow pace. Jude's Zamboni eases ahead of Ron, much to his annoyance. The mall follows the race on foot, keeping pace easily. Nikki and Caitlin pass a coin-operated ride, and Jen peeks out, asking if the coast is clear. Nikki says that Smithy's nowhere around, and asks if Jen's taking this too far. Jen says that she was right; obviously she was still hung up on Jonesy. Caitlin then suggests that maybe Jen fell for Smithy in spite of the fact that he looks like Jonesy. She then states that Jen didn't want to kiss Smithy once she realized he looked like Jonesy. Jen agrees, and Caitlin points out some other differences between Smithy and Jonesy. Jen realizes that she does like Smithy and runs off to find him. Nikki then asks if she got the "in spite of" thing from a magazine, and Caitlin says she did.

Jen runs up to Smithy and tries to kiss him. Smithy holds her off, saying that it's over, as all she's been trying to do is change him. Jen is saddened by this, as is Smithy, but they agree to break up.

Jude is in the lead in the snail's-pace race. He presses the water tank button, and Ron loses control of his cart and slams into a wall. Jude is going strong until someone asks him for his autograph. Jude complies, and a line forms. Wyatt tries to tell him to finish the race first, but Jude refuses. Meanwhile, Ron's cart tips back upright, and he rejoins the race. Jonesy joins in, but Jude says he won't leave his fans. He then makes a speech about how, without his fans, Zamboni Dude is nothing, and so the driver must walk among them. Wyatt then asks if Zamboni Dude likes to lose and points towards the finish, where Ron has just crossed the line. Ron comes back and takes the keys away.

The gang is around the table, complaining about their woes. Jude thinks that it's pretty sad that he lost his Zamboni. Jonesy is depressed about losing his job, as most shoppers thought Smithy looked better than he did. Jen is unhappy about being dumped. The only bright spot is that Caitlin's hair is back to normal. The gang then see Smithy with another girl. This girl is a blonde version of Jen. Everybody points this out, but Jen doesn't see it. Ron then marches up to the table and hands Jude the Zamboni keys, telling him that he is to report back to the ice rink at 1700 hours. Jude asks why this is, and is told by Ron that an old army Zamboni injury has kept him from fulfilling rink duties. Wyatt mocks this, saying that no army would have a Zamboni unless they planned to invade Finland. Ron looks at him strangely before moving off. Jude then cheers and says that Zamboni Dude is back, and will totally shun fame. The groupie from earlier then calls to Jude, asking for his autograph, and Jude agrees. Jonesy tells the gang to hold him down, and they leap on Jude so he can fulfill his promise of shunning fame.


  • Jen: "I was just looking for Smithy."
    Caitlin: "Ooh! Is this a new boyfriend?"
    Jen: "Uh huh. He's so cute and funny and totally crazy about me. He calls me... Jenner!" (no reaction from the rest of the gang) "It's adorable when Smithy says it. Trust me."
    Jonesy: "Smithy?" (laughs) "What kind of name is Smithy? Is it a first name or a last name? Make up your mind!"
    Nikki: "I have no idea, Jonesy!" (Jonesy angrily glares at Nikki.)
  • Nikki: (after seeing Smithy) "That was... freaky."
    Caitlin: "Smithy could be Jonesy's identical twin! Except with better hair."
    Jonesy: "You should talk! Guess Jen still has feelings for me! If you can't go Jonesy, you gotta go clone-sy!" (He laughs as Nikki rolls her eyes at his pun.)
  • Jen: "Hey Nikki. What's up?"
    Nikki: "Do you... um... huh... how do I put this? Uh... do you have a thing for Jonesy?"
    Nikki: "Well I, I just... what I meant was..."
    (thirty minutes later)
    Nikki: "She's taking it pretty well..."
  • Jude: "And to your right is Meat Chunklets: it's chunky going down and coming back up."
  • Jonesy: (pushes Jen off after she accidentally kisses him) "Why'd you do that for!?"
    Jen: "Is something wrong, Smithy?"
    Jonesy: "Yeah! Cause I'm Jonesy!" (removes wig)
    Caitlin: "That's called a first phase breakthrough."
    Nikki: "Yeah, with my boyfriend. Great."
  • Jude: (seeing Jonesy and Smithy together) "Two dudes!?"
  • Jen: "Smithy didn't even give me a second chance. He'll never find another Jenner." (The gang spots Smithy with Jane, a girl similar to Jen.)
    Nikki: "Something tells me he'll be just fine."
    Jonesy: "Whoa! She's a dead ringer for Jen!"
    Jen: "Really? Sorry, I just don't see it."
    Jude, Wyatt, Caitlin, Nikki, and Jonesy: "Not again!"


  • Smithy meets the gang for the second time in this episode.
  • This episode bears similar to the episode of Friends entitled "The One with Russ", as one of the main characters (Rachel) dates a clone of another main character (Ross) and is in denial of her date being a clone, despite being confronted by her friends (Monica and Phoebe) about the issue.
  • Jonesy's job: "after" model
    Reason for firing: other people thought the "before" model looked better than he did, and the product line bombed.
  • This is the second appearance of Smithy and Jane.
  • This is one of the few times that Caitlin willingly wears the hat part of her uniform, and the only time she's seen with it on outside of her job.
  • The man that steals the old lady's purse heavily resembles Bruno.
  • The White Hot Albino Peppers are a reference to the real world band Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • This is the second episode where Jude has his Zamboni privileges revoked. This also happened in Snow Job, for taking the Zamboni on a drive through the mall.
    • Goof: Although Ron can ban Jude from the mall in "Snow Job" for taking the Zamboni on drives through the mall, in this episode he has to ticket Jude for other offenses that come about as a result of his taking the Zamboni off-ice. It could be that whomever drives the Zamboni is under contract and cannot be fired or punished by Mall Security.
  • A reaction Ron makes to a comment at the end of the episode suggests that he might have been involved in covert activities in Finland that involved a Zamboni.



This clip was provided by JDD6214 on YouTube.

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