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The Party Lime.

The Party Lime (also known as The Lime) was a limeade version of the Big Squeeze. Unlike the Squeeze, however, it was not owned by Big Steve. It was run by Jonesy Garcia, until he got fired because he violated a mall rule by making too much noise. It only appeared in "A Lime to Party".


It looks like a green version of the Big Squeeze. It seems that the workers are supposed to talk with a Mexican accent; why they do this is unknown. It could be a rule made to preserve the theme, or it could just be something Jonesy did to have fun with said theme. When Caitlin's boss saw that The Lime was getting more customers than the Lemon, he said that if they didn't get pick up the pace and compete with it, the stand would have to move to a strip mall. After Jonesy hears about this, he plans to get himself fired so that The Lemon can stay (Caitlin's boss says there's only room for "one big fruit" in this mall).


Its only employee was Jonesy Garcia, who was (of course) fired. This is one of his more notable jobs, though; he intentionally gets fired so that Caitlin can stay at the mall. He does this by throwing a gigantic party and giving out free drinks. The drinks ensure the stand makes no profit, and the party leads to several noise complaints from stores. This, combined with the fact that the party got rowdy and led to the lime being sent rolling through the food court, causing property damage and causing the owner to be fined, meant that Jonesy was quickly fired and the Lime was shut down by the owner in order to prevent further losses. This allowed Caitlin to swoop in and start doing a steady business in lemonade, making the Big Squeeze a profit and saving it from being moved to a strip mall (which Big Steve was considering doing because of it not pulling a profit in its current position). The destroyed Party Lime stand was subsequently hauled off to a wrecking yard, as reported by Jonesy in the episode's epilogue.

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