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The Penalty Box is a store in the Galleria Mall owned and managed by Coach Halder. Jen Masterson works at the Penalty Box. This is based off the fact that she is a sporty girl and a big sports fan. Despite the fact that she likes working here, she gets annoyed by Coach Halder's crazy antics and (quite often) his idiocy.

In "Bring It On", Jonesy worked here, and in "Opposites Attack", Jude worked here as well. Jen has dated two of the employees, Charlie Dobbs and Cory Halder (Coach Halder's son). Whenever an employee acts out-of-line, they are sent to an actual penalty box for a set period of time. Along with this rule, if you are seen "in love" during work, you must do an amount of push-ups determined by Coach Halder. His policy on this is so strict that even mentioning love gets you punished.

Even though Jen's the hardest working employee at the Penalty Box, she's underappreciated and is often taken for granted by Coach Halder. She is the employee most frequently sent to the penalty box, and this is usually done for idiotic reasons that her boss makes up. The store is a combination parody of the sports stores Olympia Sports, Sports Authority and Foot Locker.


  • Coach Halder can send non-employees to the penalty box, too, as shown in "The Five Finger Discount", when he sent the gang there since they all had a part in Jen's shoplifting.

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