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"The Wedding Destroyers"
Episode name reference to/pun on: The film Wedding Crashers
Season 2, Episode 45
Airdate: CAN: February 2, 2006
USA: Unaired
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The Wedding Destroyers is the 45th episode of 6teen and the 18th episode of the second season. It aired in Canada on February 2, 2006 and remains unaired in the United States.

Jen's mother and Jonesy's father are getting married after years of dating, and Jen isn't so happy about it.


Jen is in a dressing room. Her mom mentions that the wedding is only a week away, and Jen begins to complain about her new stepbrothers. She also notes that her dress won't fit. Courtney then steps out, and Emma notes that she looks beautiful. Jen then steps out. She has to hold her dress up with her hands, as her bust is too small. The tailor notes this, and she begins to pin the dress together. Courtney then makes a crack about Jen's thighs, and this is the last straw, as Jen waddles back in to the dressing room, angry at the world.

Later, Caitlin is discussing weddings with an unwilling Nikki. Jen arrives, looking disheveled and distressed. She then proceeds to complain about how boys are impossible to live with. The boys then appear, and Jonesy points out that girls are impossible to live with. Both sides then complain about rules that they find stupid and things that the other gender does. Jen then says that she has to get to work. That's the one thing in her life that hasn't changed.

Jen pinches her nose shut. A Penalty Box Customer has taken off his shoes, and his feet smell terrible. Seeing this, Coach Halder comes over and puts her in the penalty box. Jen takes it, and calls Nikki. On the phone, Jen asks if her dad would be okay with kind of liking Jonesy's dad as her stepfather. Nikki to some extent convinces her friend that it'd be okay, but then hangs up, as the clones are staring at her. She asks them what they want, and the clones tell her that she was planning to steal the bandanna she has in her pocket. Nikki denies this, but the clones aren't convinced, and tell Nikki they'll be watching her.

Jen is getting fitted again. Meanwhile, the boys have just been fitted for their tuxes. Courtney enters their side and notes that they clean up well as Robbie sneaks past. He enters a dressing room on the other side. Jonesy then mentions that they're ready in time for their dad's stag at Grind Me. This shocks Courtney and Jen, who say that Grind Me is where the bridal shower is. Jonesy accepts this in stride, saying that they can have both there, but the girls deny this, saying that Jonesy's dad should cancel his stag; after all, he's already been married. Jonesy then points out that Jen's mom has been married, to which the girls bring up tradition. Jonesy then flips it on its head, saying that tradition is the same reason for his dad's stag. They are about to argue more when Jen notices Robbie trying to look up her skirt and kicks him. Her dress tears, and the lady hastens to mend it. Robbie makes his way to the boys side. Jonesy then decides to add a few words, and peeks out to see Jen, naked except for a pair of panties. They scream, and Jonesy hides behind the curtains again. He then says that they should move the stag.

Nikki enters the Khaki Barn with a backpack. Two of the clones jump her and escort her into the stockroom. There, she is informed that they are suspicious of her, and they think that she stole some clothes. They then tell her that as such, she has to carry items in and out of the store in a clear plastic bag.

Later, at the Big Squeeze, Nikki sets down her bag. Jonesy, Wyatt, Robbie, Diego, and Jude are there. Jonesy mocks the bag, and Nikki explains it. Jen and Courtney then arrive. A tension is in the air as Jen and Jonesy avoid looking at each other. Nikki and Wyatt both note it, and Diego mockingly confesses that Jonesy saw Jen naked, and Nikki slaps him. She then states that Jen is his stepsister, and that he should show some respect. Jen then angrily suggests that they just get the gift.

The boys are relaxing in massage chairs and want to get one as a present. The girls are adamantly against it. Jonesy says that they should put it to a vote, and the boys use their majority to seal the deal. They toss the salesman a credit card, and the girls stomp out angrily. Courtney then tells Jen that they have to seize control at this moment, because things will only get worse if they let it stand unopposed. Jen angrily says that she knows, but then says that she has a plan.

Jonesy is talking to his father on the phone, trying to get something, but his dad keeps refusing.

Nikki is folding shirts at the Khaki Barn. Her coworkers keep staring at her. Yummy Mummy comes up to ask a question about the merchandise, and Chrissy leads the woman away, stating that Nikki might steal her purse.

Jen and Courtney are picking out paint colors when Jonesy and his brothers arrive, angry. Jonesy yells at them for stealing the loft, but the sisters ignore their yells, acting calm about how they won a battle. Jonesy points out that they used the "sweet little girl" act on him, and they agree, saying they can't help it if they're irresistible. Jonesy, angry, tells them that if the want to play like this, the boys aren't moving the stag. The girls sit up, attentive, and yell at the boys. Both parties then march away, angry at each other.

Ron enters the Khaki Barn and talks to the manager about the thievery. She points to Nikki, and Nikki slams her head on the table, angry at being continually accused by the Clones.

Stanley is in Grind Me, using one of the items he stole. There are several women gathered around a table. Emma congratulates her daughters on the decorations. Suddenly, a cheer goes up from the other side of the room, and the men there celebrate. Someone has just scored in the game they are watching. Jen grumpily mutters about there being a stag there, and her mother, hoping to calm the waters, offers a finger sandwich. A naked Jonesy then runs by, and Jen angrily turns up the music. In response, the boys turn theirs up. A volume war starts, and Charmaine gets angry. Seconds later, both parties are thrown out due to noise restrictions. Most walk off happily, even though they got thrown out, but Jen and Jonesy confront each other. The confrontation ends with each not wanting to talk to the other ever again.

Nikki is going to the bathroom when Ron follows her in. She pushes him out, and he tells her that wherever she goes, he goes. This makes Nikki angry, and after she finishes, she quits. The clones thank Ron, but Yummy Mummy enters, carrying the stolen items. She hands them back, and Stanley mutters a forced apology. Chrissy turns to Kristin, realizing that she'll have to grovel to hire Nikki back.

The wedding party is having a dinner on the eve of the wedding. Jen makes a false toast, and in clinking glasses with her sister, intentionally spills her drink on Robbie. Robbie gets mad but can't do anything about it, so he picks up a food. Jen then tells him that he's had too many, and they wrestle over it. Chrissy comes in and desperately begs her. Nikki is at first unwilling to forgive, and wants to report their harassment to the head office, but she gets dragged back when Chrissy promises to give her three extra breaks per day. Meanwhile, Jen and her soon-to-be-stepbrother are still fighting. Jonesy is staring at Courtney's boobs. Courtney notices and accuses him of doing so. Jonesy defends himself, but nobody believes him. Jen then takes a piece of cake and throws it at Robbie. Robbie hurls one back, and a food fight breaks out. Caitlin, Wyatt, and Jude, all decked out in formalwear, watch. Jude notes that things are getting awkward. Jen's mom and Jonesy's dad then speak up. They state that, as it is making everybody unhappy, they plan to postpone the wedding until the kids are grown. The two then walk out, and both the boys and the girls note that this is bad. In the middle of this, a fight breaks out between Jen and Robbie again, but Nikki quells it, stating that they have to figure things out. They figure out that they need someone neutral to fix things up between them.

Ron is at the head of the table. The stepbrothers and stepsisters are gathered around. He is outlining plans. Little by little, the two parties find things they can agree on and compromise on them. The wedding is back on.


  • Jen: Uh! Watch it!
    Courtney: She has surprisingly large thighs.
  • Jonesy: Try having a bathroom drawer stuffed with tampons and makeup, and listening to chick music all night!
  • Jen: Okay, am I overreacting, or are all men barbarians?
  • Jen: Jonesy, control your stupid brothers!
  • Jen: I HATE GUYS!
  • Courtney: It's actually good that this happened now, and not in a year or two, when you finally get your boobs, Jen.
  • Jonesy: Great Wall of China this SUCKS!
  • Jude: This is getting really ugly, dude.
  • Ron: Gentlemen. Ladies. I know watching your parents get married is about as comfortable as wearing a pair of synthetic thong underwear.
  • Jonesy: By the way, as your new brother, I feel I should tell you we can all see your underwear.


  • The episode's name is a reference to the comedy film "The Wedding Crashers".
  • This marks the second time Jonesy has seen Jen's chest. The first time was It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! and the next was Over Exposed.
  • Jen's underwear was exposed in this episode. She is revealed to wear dark pink panties. She is the last of the 6teen girls in the group to expose her underwear.
  • Second appearance of Jude's butt tattoo; the first was in "One Quiet Day" (although a silhouette of it was seen in The Five Finger Discount).
  • Jen makes a comment about having to share a bathroom with her stepbrothers. Incidentally, this sharing of bathrooms would set up the main plot of Over Exposed.
  • This is the first episode in which Jen's mom appears.
  • Jen mentions that she has practically no feeling left in her upper arms. She made the same statement in Awake the Wyatt Within.
  • Jen claims that because the Garcia brothers are guys, they'll always eat more than she or Courtney. This is false, however, as she actually won a turkey eating contest against said boys (as well as Emma Masterson and Mr. Garcia) in the fifth episode, Deck the Mall.
    • Interestingly, Deck the Mall was the first episode to put any weight on the subplot of Mr. Garcia and Ms. Masterson dating.
  • The back room from Employee of the Month is seen again here.
  • Courtney mentions that it's good Jen's flashing happened at this point, as she hadn't gotten boobs yet. However, in It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney! she mentions that Jen has "boobs of her own".
  • This is the second time that Tush Control 3000s are seen in the show. Before this, they appeared in The Five Finger Discount.
  • When the Garcia brothers are standing by the fountain, Robbie can be heard peeing in it.
    • Later in the episode, Nikki is heard peeing as well. Unlike Robbie, though, she's using the Khaki Barn restrooms.
  • When Jonesy goes streaking, all of the women at the bridal shower except Yummy Mummy cover their eyes. Her reaction is to pull out a camera and take a picture.
  • Based on the calendar transition scenes, the wedding takes place on July 25th.



This clip was provided by 6animestar14 on YouTube.

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