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Things That Beep Exterior
Things That Beep is an electronics/computer store in the Galleria Mall. It was first seen in "The Five Finger Discount", as a place where Jonesy worked. According to Jonesy, it is one of the coolest stores in the mall. The store competes with Stereo Shack for customers, although Jonesy maintains that there are differences between the two. Apparently Stereo Shack is directed mainly towards computers and computer geeks, whereas Things That Beep mainly sells handy gadgets. Blade and Christo also worked here as sales associates, though at some point they left to work at Taj Mahome Video, where they are currently managers.

Jonesy only managed to get hired here due to his resume, which was full of lies. Throughout his time at the store, he was constantly forced into dirty jobs because of these lies. These included being asked to come skydiving by his coworkers because his resume said he was a Junior National Skydiving Champion; having to give service to a German customer who didn't speak English because his resume said he had experience speaking German; and having to operate a complicated home-theater system because he "majored" in Audio-Visual Electronics. Ironically, he was not fired or found out on any of these, but was instead fired for stealing a small plastic pen from the store.

Since "The Five Finger Discount", Things That Beep has made a few cameo appearances, usually as a background store. It's largest appearance outside of that episode was in "The Wedding Destroyers", when some Tush Control 3000s were tested by the Garcia brothers as a wedding present. Apart from this, though, Things That Beep has not had very many appearances.

At some point, Things That Beep aquired or merged with Stereo Shack. This is evident because, although Darth was working in Stereo Shack at the time of "Welcome to the Darth Side", at a later point he is seen working from the same storefront as a Things That Beep franchise. It is possible that Blade and Christo quit because, when Stereo Shack was merged with Things That Beep, Darth became the manager of the original franchise as well. If he did indeed become the manager, it's also possible that he fired them for bullying him in "Breaking Up with the Boss' Son".

Gadgets Sold

  • Massage Chairs (Tush Control 3000, or tc3000)
  • Juicer/Tanning Machine
  • Two-Minute Hair Curlers (mentioned by Caitlin)
  • Various Audio-Visual Equipment:
    • Widescreen TVs
    • Speakers
    • Laptops
    • Stereos
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