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Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
First Appearance A Ding from Down Under

Tim is Wyatt's boss at Burger McFlipster's. His main distinguishing characteristic is that he speaks in a continuous monotone voice. In addition to this, he has also displayed several odd traits, among them meat-dancing, a need for strict adherence to company rules, and an inability to understand metaphors, similes, and inferences.


Tim first appears in "A Ding from Down Under". Here, he interviews Wyatt, who is looking for a job at Burger McFlipster's. Throughout, he asks several misleading questions, and then provides odd answers that he insists are correct. He also makes several odd statements and contradicts himself later. For example, he opens the interview by telling Wyatt his name; when Wyatt responds, calling him "Tim", Tim tells Wyatt to only call him "sir". Later in the interview, he asks Wyatt if he can sing. When Wyatt tells him that he sings, writes songs, and plays guitar, Tim states that Wyatt isn't answering the question. Despite the confusing nature of the interview, Wyatt still manages to get the job.

A few episodes later, Tim reveals another one of his quirks. Because Wyatt is storing a dress in the meat locker, Tim assumes that Wyatt dances with meat. He then proceeds to tell Wyatt that this is against store rules and could mean job termination, and then reveals that he himself started out as a meat dancer and is now a competitive ballroom dancer. Tim then proceeds to force Wyatt to dance with him, continually dangling the idea of firing him for "meat dancing" over Wyatt's head.

His also has a major appearance in "Selling Out To The Burger Man". There, he introduces Wyatt to a higher-up at Burger McFlipster's, who hires Wyatt to write a new jingle for the chain. He spends a lot of time hanging out with the higher-up and generally kissing up to him.

Tim's last major appearance is in "6 Teens and A Baby", where he hires Wayne on as a new employee at Burger McFlipster's.


  • Tim often acts in an odd manner, and some of his statements sound like innuendo.
    • This is particularly clear when he talks to Wyatt about "meat dancing"; when he trains Wyatt, many of his statements come off as sexual. It is possible that he is a closeted homosexual, as this is hinted at through his behavior.
  • Tim apparently believes that singing to meat makes it cook better.
  • When interviewing Wyatt, Tim states that there are three ways to do the work: the right way, the wrong way, and his way. Apparently, his way is the right way. Despite this, there are still more than two ways to do the job.


  • Tim has strict rules for dealing with food, which includes his belief that singing to meat makes it cook and taste better. He also makes sure that the food is somewhat high-quality for fast-food fare, as he demands that all food be thrown out if it has spent more than twenty minutes under a heat lamp.
  • Although Tim frequently threatens to get rid of Wyatt, he seems to not like to fire people. This is demonstrated in "A Ding from Down Under", when he has Wyatt fire Jonesy so he won't have to, and in "2-4-1" when he makes Wyatt fire the Bickersons because he doesn't want to have to break the news to them that they're fired.
  • Tim once made Wyatt rewrite the whole "Burger Bible", aka the Burger McFlipster's songbook.


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