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Travis Gibson
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Green
Relationship Jen Masterson (broken up)
Nicknames The Arm (Jonesy)
First Appearance Blast From The Past
Travis "The Arm" Gibson is a fictional character in the animated Canadian sitcom 6teen.

The same age as everyone in the group, he is first seen in "Blast From The Past", where he is attracted to Jen. She initially wants nothing to do with him, as in the 2nd grade, he threw rocks at her, one of which left a scar on her forehead. He qualifies for the Olympic shot-put tryouts and eagerly tells Jen, proceeding to ask her out after, but is rejected. He asks her out for a second time and is rejected again, even though they have common interests. He agrees to do the autograph session for Jen at the Penalty Box and promises to never ask her out again. At the autograph session, he throws a ball to Jen, and she angrily throws it back at him, as it reminded her of the rocks he threw at her years ago. The ball hits his arm and the impact causes it to break. As Jen feels guilty, she finally agrees to go on a date with him.

On their date, he reveals he has been into Jen ever since 2nd grade, and she begins to reciprocate feelings for him. Out of happiness, Travis throws a cookie at a random man, and it's shown that Travis's left arm is just as strong as his right arm (although his aim is a bit off)--Jen realizes that Travis can still qualify for the Olympic shot-put tryouts, and decides to train as a way to make up for what she did. While training, the two share their first kiss, and the two begin a relationship. He gets onto the Oylmpic team, but has to train out of town, so Travis and Jen both decide to have a long-distance relationship.

He appears again in "Great Expectations" and is now an Olympic athlete with a busy schedule that leaves him with little free time. He tries to spend time with Jen, but their time together is continuously interrupted, which begins to annoy her. When Travis has to blow Jen off the next day, she is angry and jumps to the conclusion that he might be cheating on her. After Travis catches her spying on him, he and Jen talk and ultimately decide to break up, since their relationship isn't going to work out due to Travis's busy schedule as an Olympic athlete.



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