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Tricia Holmes
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Nicknames Trish (Caitlin)
First Appearance Take This Job and Squeeze It
Last Appearance Double Date
Voiced by Jennifer Robertson

Tricia Holmes is Caitlin Cooke's mean, stuck-up, selfish, and snobbish ex-best friend.


Tricia is Caitlin’s prima donna ex-friend and former shopping buddy. She appears to resemble the character design of Megara from the Disney animated movie, Hercules. She's also portrayed as one of the show's two main villains, the other being Ron the Rent-a-Cop, although she's arguably more antagonistic than Ron. Tricia's often mean to Caitlin because Caitlin has to work for a living to learn the value of a dollar.

Tricia first appears in the pilot episode, shopping with Caitlin and leaving Caitlin’s side at the end because of Caitlin’s new job (which forces Caitlin to wear the lemon hat). Since then, she has viewed Caitlin (and by extension, Caitlin's new friends) as a loser. She currently attempts to ruin Caitlin’s life at any time, anywhere. She had once ran against Caitlin in the "The Khaki Girl" contest and cheated to cause Caitlin to lose the contest (but later lost the role after she got sick and threw up on Tom).

She had once recorded a video of Caitlin walking around on the beach in her bikini with toilet paper sticking out of it; this was revealed by Caitlin in Pillow Talk. Later in the episode, Tricia gave the footage to the gang so they could upload it to embarrass Caitlin. In A Crime of Fashion, first, she apologized insincerely when she purposely spilled her milkshake on Caitlin and then when she went shopping with Caitlin, Tricia framed Caitlin for shoplifting. Ron finally saw the tape and arrested Tricia for framing Caitlin, while Caitlin got a $50 gift card from Albatross and Finch and bought the aforementioned top. Tricia's punishment for her frameup was 100 hours of community service.

Tricia has starred in more than ten episodes; each time she attempts to try to ruin Caitlin’s life and/or continuously ruins Caitlin’s attempts at a new boyfriend, but she is frequently foiled in those attempts thanks to intervention by Caitlin's friends.


  • She is the very first person to talk in 6teen.
  • In "Snow Job", it is revealed that Tricia isn't limited to only complicating the lives of the six main characters. We see this when she steals Tara Johansen's boyfriend, Justin, for the Winter Wonderland Dance.
  • She had braces in middle school.
  • Despite being a recurring character, she is also a minor one, as she makes few appearances.
  • She has had small amounts of interaction with Jude, Jen, and Wyatt.
  • Tricia dates Jonesy in the episode "Spring Fling".
    • In the same episode that Tricia dates Jonesy, she runs against Nikki for spring queen.
  • It is possible that she and Christo from Taj Mahome Video have a relationship just like Heather and Alejandro in Total Drama World Tour. Alejandro might be the Total Drama World Tour counterpart of Christo.
  • Tricia's last major appearance was in "Double Date", and aside from a cameo in the series finale, she doesn't appear at all in the fourth season.
  • Tricia's Total Drama counterpart is Heather.
  • Tricia's surname is revealed in "Midnight Madness".


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