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Underground Video is one of the many stores in the Galleria Mall. It's a video rental shop that specializes mostly in independent movies and rivals the much larger Taj Mahome Video. Interestingly, Underground is located across the hall from said store.

The store first appeared in "Going Underground", where it was revealed that it was managed by Wayne. Wayne had a help wanted sign in the window that he claimed was a joke, but he was willing to hire Jude and Jonesy. Soon after hiring Jonesy, he fired him for liking Top M16s and hired Wyatt in his stead.

In "Major Unfaithfulness", the owner of the store, Crazy Pete, sold the store to Taj Mahome Video, who were willing to buy it because the only genre of films they didn't sell the majority of were independent films, which happened to be what the store sold. The store became a Taj Mahome franchise until, at Jude and Wyatt's behest, Jonesy was brought on board to sink the store and did a great job, cutting profits immensely so that the store was losing barrels of money and forcing Taj Mahome to sell the store. Wayne was a willing buyer, and he took ownership and control of the store.

Wyatt ended up being fired by Wayne in "A Ding from Down Under" for (accidentally) spilling a coffee on a tape of a rare movie. Since then, the store has only made minor appearances when somebody in the group wants to rent a movie. In "6 Teens and A Baby," Wayne gets job at Burger McFlipster's alongside Wyatt--Wayne explains that due him closing down Underground Video, he had to find a new job. Although it's never explained why the store was closed, it can be assumed that it was probably due to a lack of business.


  • The store is a parody of the store f.y.e., or For Your Entertainment.
  • It is unknown why Jude left the store, as he was never seen being fired or quitting, but in "Snow Job," he scores a job at the mall's ice rink as the new Zamboni-driver.
  • This store had one of the only copies of The 77th Samurai until Jude copied the movie Board Warriors 3 over it. The only other known store in the mall to have a copy is Super Terrific Happy Sushi.
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