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6teen - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Okay so I love to write and all so I thought I would try my hand at writing a 6teen spec script. I'm not very experienced so it might be a little shorter than usual episode scripts but oh well. so, here it is:


[Jen is in the penalty box, she's stacking up hockey sticks when she places the last one it begins to shake just as Coach Halder walks by.]
Coach Halder: Great job Masterson
Jen: Oh no
[The hockey stick display tumbles down on Coah Halder. Jen looks worried until he suddenly surfaces back up]
Coah Halder: Five minute penalty!
Jen: [sighing] Only eleven thirty and I've already gotten three penalties, what is wrong with me today.
[She walks over to the box and sits down sadly. Suddenly, there is a blood-curdling scream.]
Jen: [worried] Oh my god! CAITLYN!

The opening credits roll.
The title of this episode is
Smells Like Teen Spirit

[Continuing from where we left of. Jen bangs on the penalty box window.]'
Jen: Let me out! Caitlyn! Caitlyn! Caitlyn!
[Jen finally bangs hard enough and breaks the windows where we hear the continued screaming of Caitlyn. She walks over to Caitlyn]
Jen: What's is up Cait
[When finally getting to Caitlyn Jen slips on a banana peel knocking down an employee's display.]
Employee: Oh c'mon
Jen: [getting up] Oh sorry
[Goes back over to Caitlyn]
Jen: What's the sitch Caitlyn? What was that creepy scream about? Did you get a death note?
Caitlyn: What oh no I made the mall cheerleading squad! Eeeeh!
Jen: Congratulations Cait, I'm so happy for you.
Caitlyn: The only down-side is that Tricia, is the team captain.
Jen: [grunts] That stuck up little bi-
[Jen is interrupted by an excited Caitlyn.]
Caitlyn: Well gotta go tell Nikki. Eeeeh!

[At the Khaki barn, Nikki is supposed be on shift but instead she is sleeping on the front desk, a puddle of drool beside her open mouth. As she sleeps, there is a long, long, long line of angry people moaning, shouting and throwing garbage at Nikki. Some fat dude throws a piece of rotting lettuce into her mouth. She wakes up coughs and splutters before it comes flying out. Kristen is on a ladder hanging up some clothes when the spit covered rotting lettuce pings her in the nose.]
Kristen: Ouch, Nikki! [loses balance] Woah!
[Kristen falls of the ladder and lands on her wet nose. In horror and shock Kirsten & Chrissy run over in horror.]
Kirsten: Oh my god! Kristen are you okay.
Chrissy: Yeah, like that was a terrible fall, are you like truamatised
Nikki: [sarcastic] Yeah because that ladder really is one thousand foot high isn't it
Kristen: Actually I am not okay, now I need a nose job!
[With that the clones stomp off. Nikki is laughing while the customer's moan. A hot momma with a bratty little child is at the front of the queue.]
Hot Momma: Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Can I get some service?
[Nikki's phone rings.]
Nikki: I'm on my break [opens the phone, presses it to her ear] Yello
Caitlyn: [voice only] Eeeeh!
[Nikki grimaces at the high pitched shriek.]
Nikki: Who died?
Caitlyn: [voice only] Nobody died I got into the mall cheerleading squad
Nikki: [chanting] I-D-O-N-apostrophe-t, I Don't Care!
Caitlyn: [voice only] Oooh, I forgot to mention the downside is that Tricia is the team captain
Nikki: That stuck-up bi-
Caitlyn: [voice only] Gotta run or I'll miss practice chow.
Nikki: Later
[Closes the phone and looks at a positively furious looking hot momma.]
Hot Momma: Can I please get some service around here?
Nikki: Nah, I'm going to the food court to get lunch
[Before Nikki leaves with his paintball gun the bratty kid shoots paint all over Nikki
Nikki: Oh you did not just do that
[kid runs out of frame]
Nikki: Come back here you bratty little kid
[Nikki runs out frame as all of the customers in the queue groan].

[At grind me the guys are chatting and cutting loose. Technically not all the guys but only Jonesy & Wyatt.]
Jonesy: Hey dude check this out
[Jonesy farts loudly and the hot girl at the coffee counter grimaces. Jonesy rocks with laughter while Wyatt sniffs the air before his eyes turn blood-shot red.]
Wyatt: Oh dude that is nasty
Jonesy: I know right, too bad Jude isn't here to see it, hey where is that skater dude.

[Somewhere in the mall, the camera pans up an un-usually tall escalator today until we reach the top to see Jude with his skateboard.]
Jude: No man, no woman, no known life form on Earth has conquered the great escalator. Jude Lisowski, if you do this bro then you'll become a skating legend. You'll go down in history, which is why I must conquer you elevator.
[Jude steps on his skateboard and WHOOSH! We pan along with him as he goes down the escalator screaming.]
[Jude skids across the mall ground floor and his skate-board goes out of control, finally Jude crashes into grind-me trashing the place.
Jonesy: Sick dude you conquered the elevator of death!
Wyatt: [the camera pans upon the wreckage of grind-me] Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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