• Jtsfan13

    • Kisrten's line "Whatever you say, Ass Man", is shortened to whatever you say
      • Also, to better fit, Nikki's line "That's Assistant Manager, I can get you fired for that, you know!" is cut
    • Also, Jonesy's line "Youre name tag says Ass MAn" is removed

    • The clip of Jonesy panning in on Nikki's boobs is edited out

    • Reanimate the scen with a close up on Jen's strap breaking, then imeediaely cut to the character's reactions while having Jen offscreen.

    • Edit out the scenes with Jonesy's "boob bowl"
    • If any scene has the "boob bowl" with Jonesy and Nikki, reanimate it without the boob bowl

    • any explict material edited

    • Edit out the scene with Jonesy streaking

    • Edit the scene with Jonesy picking up the crusty undides

    • Edit the scenes with the Jude Mannequin in a thong
    • E…

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