Here is the history of all that's taken in this 6teen Wiki Redemption


When I first started on this wiki on April 12, 2010, I wasn't all that active on here. However, when spoilers started to ride in at the Total Drama Wiki on June 10, 2010, I started to come over here to help out. Then, I stopped when the spoilers were gone and gone back to that wiki again.

Wiki Herbnation

As I said before, my beginning here was rather short. I slipped away from this wiki soon afterwards. I returned here a few months later. What withdrew me back here were all the SPOILERS at the Total Drama Wiki. When that was done, I returned there again. But then, I left again. However, I came back here again and here's why.

The Redemption and Modern-Day Works

I am really proud of how this wiki is running. Everyone's acts come clean, I got new opportunities such as being an admin, and I got to meet new people and overall, this is an easy wiki to run. When I was at the Total Drama Wiki, it didn't feel that way. As small as this wiki is, everyone on this wiki seem like such good friends, while the Total Drama Wiki felt like a war zone and a government. Besides all that, I've lost some interest in the TD series and that wiki and I have fallen out of the once addicting fandom. When I left this wiki, I decided to come back over here to help out a lot. Ever since, I spent most of my time here and also at deviantART, which I'll discuss later on in short words.


There's still work to be done, so I'm best off to do good works and rid this wiki clean. As for the role of adminship at this wiki, it's rather simple. I've been planning on gaining this position ever since I came here and since then, it has worked out smoothly, but still, I give credit to Ryan for giving me this position as he is the bureaucrat.


I also have a deviantART account called Thrashmetal92, so feel free to see this page as I am active here too.


I recently made a YouTube account called ZapandMeshuggah1987, even though I don't really do anything or much though.

Final words

I also have Zap-Radio FM that plays on my profile (all videos belong to YouTube, the respective companies, it's users, and all of the songs belong to the bands and musicians who sing them). You got all the music you want and it's REAL. I will update this in the future and when I do, there will be more than enough playing.

ZapSpit it out!All I wanna do is stamp you out! 12:39, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

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