I will explain about the reason for the title.

I finally decided to return to this wiki tonight after almost a two months absence (not counting October because that was one day). I see that plots are being written and stuff is getting done, which is an improvement. However, most of the plots already written out are choppy, so they need to be in paragraphs, whether long or short. The staff could use a bit of work like being flexible since I notice that some are taking their jobs as admins too seriously. If there is anything that should be added it should be once the users apologize for their actions (and I mean willingly, not begrudingly), they could be unblocked from ban and edit again. However, I could say they are helping out more than ever before with the articles. And finally, as for me, my appearance here will rather be recurring these days. I most likely will leave after the articles are complete and everything from this blog is done in the future. I think this wiki will be complete in the future if anything. Well, that's it. I think that's all I need to say regarding improvements already made, things that could be improved, and about returning here. ZapSpit it out!All I wanna do is stamp you out! 01:12, November 18, 2012 (UTC)

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