In this blog, I'm proposing that we affiliate with some other wikis to increase viewership and engage our community with others. If you have any affiliation proposals, please suggest them in the comments.

Seriously, please suggest wikis you think it would be a good idea to affiliate with. The only rules are they have to be plausible (so basically, animated shows that are in some way connected to or similar to 6teen).

Proposed affiliations:

  • Detentionaire
    Reasoning: It's a good show made by Nelvana, the same company that made 6teen.
    Proposal: Sent.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy
    Reasoning: Also a Canadian production (albeit not made by Nelvana, but by A.K.A. Cartoon); I like the show.
    Proposal: Unproposed.
  • Jimmy Two Shoes
    Reasoning: Another Canadian production that airs on Teletoon.
    Proposal: Unproposed.

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