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Vegan Island is a vegan food eatery run by Starr. It is a very minor store in the show; it is only seen when Starr is shown working there. As Starr is mainly seen when she's with Jude or the gang, and the group does not frequently visit the shop; it has made very few appearances.

The first time the store appeared was in "The Five Finger Discount". Starr was seen serving spicy wraps to Nikki and Wyatt, who were trying to find Jude a girlfriend. Here, she showed her offbeat and odd personality, which would have been a perfect match for Jude, but Nikki and Wyatt were distracted and didn't notice the similarities between her and Jude.

The restaurant's largest appearance was in "Dude of the Living Dead". There, she hid under the counter, avoiding the zombies, until she was discovered. After this, she climbed to the high roof and waited there. When Jude found out where she was, he crawled through the vents and picked her up just as the zombies found their way onto the store roof.

Vegan Island appeared again in "Deadbeat Poets Society". There, Starr was seen making food while Jude watched. Apparently, she is allowed to come up with experimental dishes to add to the menu, as the whole point of the dish-making was to come up with more stuff for the menu.


  • Vegan Island serves spicy wraps, as seen in "The Five Finger Discount".
  • In Dude of the Living Dead, it is shown that Vegan Island is the tallest store in the mall.
  • Starr does not seem to be heavily supervised, as she sometimes serves customers with her feet.
  • Starr is a vegan herself, as evidenced by her comments about how she "has to stop her customers from eating meat" in "The Khaki Girl".
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