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Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Relationship Caitlin Cooke (one date), Lydia (one date, mistaken for Wyatt Williams)
First Appearance Going Underground
Last Appearance Role Reversal

Wayne is a recurring character on the show 6teen. He is voiced by Adam Reid.


Wayne first appeared in "Going Underground" as the manager of the video store Underground Video. He was early on established as sarcastic and rude when he told the guys that the "Help Wanted" sign in the window was intended as a joke, and when he hired Jonesy and Jude just because he was "feeling saucy." His love of movies was established when he showed his new employees his "Wayne's Picks Wall", which showcased his top 10 favorite movies that could be rented and then asked his employees what their top three films were. Jude, under pressure, picked three with really cool covers that Wayne approved of, while Jonesy was taken to task because he picked Top M16s, a parody of Top Gun, as his favorite movie. Wayne then angrily told Wyatt to pick three movies. Wyatt's choices, which were "Guilty Without Explanation", "Never Swim Alone", and "Monk of the Green Dragon", impressed Wayne, and Wayne hired Wyatt, summarily firing Jonesy over his poor taste.

Wayne was revealed in "Awake the Wyatt Within" to have the ability to choose the perfect movie for anyone's situation. This impressed Wyatt, and inadvertently led to him watching "Life's Little Wrinkles twelve times, thinking it was Wayne's recommendation to him (in reality, Jude had handed him the wrong tape). This ability was hinted at earlier in "Fish and Make Up" when he demanded that Caitlin and Wade let him see what movie they were planning to get. This aspect of his character is probably a reference to the main character in the film "High Fidelity", who as a record-store clerk knew exactly what album certain customers should listen to.

Wayne is an expert in cinematography and knows a lot about almost every genre of movies, ranging from war movies to movies about sleepovers. This is evidenced in "Unhappy Anniversary" when he gives Jude certain movies to watch in order to prepare for a sleepover and in "The New Guy" when he and Ron recited a war movie scene from memory. He is also very passionate about watching films "the right way", even going so far as to yell at a customer for only renting the first part of a trilogy.

Although Wayne is known to be greedy, cynical, sarcastic and rude, he can act nice if motivated. This is exemplified in the episode "In a Retail Wonderland..." There, he is visited by three ghosts in a parody of "A Christmas Carol" and is motivated to be nice to the gang on Christmas. (Previously, he had expressed apathy and some hatred at the thought of Christmas, mainly due to the fact that, according to him, "Christmas movies suck".)

Despite Wayne seemingly not liking work very much, it has been shown that he does like working at Underground Video, at least when confronted with the alternative. He also is glad that Underground Video sells indie films, as when they were taken over by Taj Mahome Video, he said that it felt like death to work for a big box store. In fact, he hated the idea of working for "the man" so much that he was actually willing to rehire Jonesy to get the store to fail.

Despite being short and overweight, Wayne is shown to be somewhat physically strong, since in the episode "Dirty Work", he beats up Jonesy for stealing his fries, and in the episode "Career Day", he dunks Wyatt and Jude in the pet store aquarium for ruining his copy of The 77th Samurai. He is constantly heard listening to The Clash on his headphones. After years of watching movies, Wayne has gained the ability to somehow know which movie a person should see. He is most likely based on Jack Black's character in the movie High Fidelity, where he was also a know-it-all clerk, although Jack Black's character worked in an independent record shop, as opposed to a video store.

As of 6 Teens and A Baby, Underground Video has gone out of business. Wayne now works at Burger McFlipster's with Wyatt, where he continues to irritate his co-worker. It was revealed in "Silent Butt Deadly" and "The List" that Wayne is desperately lonely.


Wayne is an overweight, unattractive, middle-aged slob. He has black hair and perpetual stubble. For clothes, he wears a yellow jacket over a white long-sleeved shirt, grey pants, and sneakers. He is almost always seen with his headphones on. In "In a Retail Wonderland...", it is revealed that he pees in a water bottle in order to not miss any parts of movies he's watching.

Relation to the Main Characters

Jude Lizowski

After Jude is fired from Stick-it when the place is closed down by the sanitation department, Wayne employs Jude at Underground Video and soon develops a friendship with Jude because of their similar taste in movies. In fact, Jude is the only one of the main group of six that Wayne really gets along with. In Major Unfaithfulness, when Taj Mahome Videos buys Underground and Wayne can't stand working for a major corporation, Jude helps Wayne find a way to buy back Underground. In the end of the episode, Jude's plan for recovering Underground works and Wayne gives Jude free rentals for life.

Jonesy Garcia

Jonesy is hired by Wayne in Going Underground to work at Underground Video, but upon learning that Jonesy's favorite movie is the film Top M16s, Wayne fires Jonesy immediately. As of that point, Wayne and Jonesy start a feud. The only two times when Wayne and Jonesy have put their feud aside was in Unhappy Anniversary, when Jonesy needed help getting Nikki a good present (though this was because Jude asked Wayne to help Jonesy as a favor to him) and in "J is For Genius" when Wayne helps Jonesy cheat in his IQ test, though it is implied that Jonesy paid Wayne for his help.

Wyatt Williams

After Wyatt is fired from Spin This, Wayne employs Wyatt at Underground Video. Unlike Jude, who likes working at Underground Video, Wyatt hates his stay in Underground due to the fact that Wayne constantly harrasses him due to his movie tastes. However, Wyatt tries to keep the job since it's the only vacant in the entire mall. Finally, in "A Ding from Down Under", Wyatt accidentally spills coffee on and destroys Wayne's golden edition limited issue copy of Samurai Space Warriors (which in the 6teen-universe was the first movie to take place in outer space) and Wayne fires him. Wyatt then gets a job at Burger McFlipster's. Eventually they are once again working together when Wayne closes Underground Video and gets a job at Burger McFlipster's as well.


  • He has a lot in common with Noah from Total Drama, since they are both pessimistic, sarcastic, unathletic, have long, dark hair and enjoy some form of story (movies and books, respectively).
  • Ironically, his voice actor is the same as Justin from Total Drama as they are polar opposites in looks (Justin being a pretty boy and Wayne being a couch slob).
  • His character design vaguely resembles that of Chris from the Total Drama series, with black hair, short stature, and stubble.
  • His IQ was revealed to be 65 when he filled out an IQ test for Jude.
    • However, this may not be completely accurate as he rushed through the test due to time pressure, so he may have gotten a lower score than he would have if he wasn't in a hurry.


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