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Willows and Willaims Exterior

Willows and Williams is a furniture store in the Galleria Mall. It first appeared in "The Swami" as the place where Caitlin's newest crush Jeff worked. There, she entered, asked Jeff out, and ended up getting a date with him. The store then appeared next in "Cheapskates," when Jen and Griffin spent part of their first date sitting on a porch swing in the store's display window, eating free samples and people-watching.

Willows and Williams has also been mentioned in "The Slow and the Even-Tempered" and "Selling Out To The Burger Man." In the first instance, Yummy Mummy was seen looking for it and received directions from then-security officer Jonesy. In the latter mention, Les Bland suggested they buy a silver frame from the store, which suggests that Willows and Williams sells more than just furniture.


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