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Wonder Taco is the mall taco shop. It is run by Julie. Julie regularly spits in the tacos of people she doesn't like in order to make her customers sick.

The shop is first seen in the pilot episode, "Take This Job and Squeeze It". There, Jonesy and Jude go there to get tacos. While there, they mock the slogan of the restaurant. Jonesy also takes the time to mock Julie for working there. In retaliation, Julie spits in their tacos when she finishes them (albeit not in front of them). They get tacos twice; the second time, they return to the Big Squeeze with their tacos and learn from Nikki that Julie spits in the food of people she doesn't like. Jonesy instantly spits out his taco, while Jude continues to eat his without a care.

Despite knowing that Julie spits in the food, the gang (especially Jude and Jonesy) continue to eat from the restaurant. One instance is in Clonesy; one of the central plot points it Jonesy's spilling of his bean burrito on Nikki's shirt. As Vegan Island is not a place he would shop at, it can be presumed that he got his food from Wonder Taco. In many other episodes, he and Jude are seen buying tacos from the store and eating tacos that they presumably bought.

In the fourth season, Julie becomes more important as a character, on occasion giving advice and information to the gang while they shop at her stand. As a result, Wonder Taco is seen more frequently, as the plot on occasion hinges on its appearing.


  • The store is a parody of Taco Bell.
  • In "Dude of the Living Dead" Julie is shown to be able to run the store even as a zombie.
    • Interestingly, the tacos tip off Jonesy and Wyatt to something weird going on, as they find Julie's rotting thumb in Wyatt's taco.
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