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Yummy Mummy
Gender Female
Hair color Reddish-brown
Eye color Brown
Relationship Ron (as of Mr. and Mr. Perfect)
Yummy Mummy is a very attractive woman who wears a low cut black shirt, with a blue scarf and spotted leopard pants. Yummy Mummy has orange-brown hair and wears blue mascara. Most of the gang thinks she's a cougar, and refers to her as such. This is evidenced by the fact that she is also a major flirt, regularly teasing all of the men in the mall.

Yummy Mummy mainly acts in the capacity of a flirt. This is true in Stupid Over Cupid, when she signs up for Jonesy's contest. When she does that, she hits on Jonesy, and he expresses interest in her. She also acts this way in many other appearances; she often makes attempts to seduce various men in the mall.

Although she is usually a flirt, she is also seen passing by with her son Stanley in tow during scene changes. It seems that she is very in love with her son, as she brings him along no matter where she goes. This is seen in The Wedding Destroyers; in addition to bringing her son to Emma Masterson's bridal shower, she also apparently brought Stanley into the Khaki Barn, where he stole various items, including a price stamper.

Despite the fact that she loves her son, occasionally he gets on her nerves. This is best exemplified in Bring It On; she leaves Stanley with Jude at the start of the episode, and almost admits that she has to go cry (presumably due to Stanley). Throughout the rest of the episode, Stanley shows why she would need to cry. It seems that this would be exacerbated by the fact that Yummy Mummy appears to be a single mother.

Yummy Mummy is almost certainly single. This is evidenced by the fact that she tries to win a date with Jonesy on Valentine's Day (hinting that she doesn't have a husband) and that she tries to woo every man in the mall. Further evidence of this is provided when Ron tries to win her heart with a song in Mr. and Mr. Perfect.

Since that episode, Yummy Mummy seems to have a standing relationship with Ron. As such, she has not appeared as frequently (although Stanley appears at about the same rate). Their relationship seems to be getting more serious, as Ron was willing to let the gang go free from jail in exchange for movie tickets to a movie Stanley wanted to see in Out Of This World.


  • Caitlin claimed that Yummy Mummy is in her mid-forties in "Insert Name Here"; however, as she was wrong about a nerdy man's actual age, this may be speculation on her part.
  • She was invited to Emma Masterson's bridal shower, which indicates that the two are friends.


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