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"Zit Defence"
Platform: Flash
Mode(s): Single player
Link: Teletoon

Zit Defence is a game on Teletoon's website. When you play, you have to click on hands to protect Jude's lucky zit from being popped. It is currently unavailable, however.


Jude has grown a lucky zit, but everyone is trying to pop it. Protect Jude's pimple by clicking on hands to stop them before they reach his zit. Be careful. If you click on Jude's chin by mistake then you will pop his zit.


The game is played by clicking on the hands. The hands will come at you from every angle, no matter how improbable. To stop them, you have to click. The target has to be the back of the hands: the fingers are not viable targets, as it doesn't register. You also have to avoid clicking in the general area of Jude's chin, as this will pop his zit. This becomes harder in the later levels of the game, as the hands increase in number and speed and Jude's zit (and thus the suicide area) grows larger.


  • The hands of everyone in the gang are seen trying to pop his zit.
    • Oddly enough, this includes Jude, even though it is his zit.
  • It is debatable whether or not Caitlin and Jen both attempt to pop it. While Jen's hand can be seen reaching for it, Caitlin's arm can't; however, it could be that for the game, her skin tone was considered interchangeable with Jen's, and that is why her hand cannot be seen.
  • The idea for the game comes from the episode The List.


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